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He could tell her about how much pressure he’s been under to live up to his father’s genius, and is totally unable to. He could tell her how he’s been bottling up guilt over keeping his cousin’s murder by his father a secret. He could tell her how a mad king has screwed them on their rightful payment for a VERY difficult security project they designed for him, and was just trying to murder them when he met her. Opening up like that builds trust in a relationship.

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Can someone explain to me in what order should I read those?

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In what order should I read them?? I'm confused.
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I literally can't think of nothing
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Yeah, you think that you need to think of nothing but at the same moment you think of thinking of nothing.
Little late, but order your brain to think of EVERYTHING. It'll get stage fright and blank out a bit.
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omg how it actually works
Haha I may have inadvertently cured all dev.
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Took a class once.
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I think I have monophobai, the fear of being alone, because when I'm alone the only person I have left is myself, who can be very scary.

Doubt's cloud mind and over thinking everything. My appearance, myself, everything.

I need people to distract me from myself.
We are the complete opposite. I want to always be alone, I don't want people around me
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Lol Antisocial or just hate people?
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I adore these characters so much!
Such beautiful emotion in every picture featuring them. Fantastic designs and this page's dialogue is very inspiring :heart:
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i love your drawing. its so beautiful
I love this little story and I'm looking forward to the complete work :) would 100% buy this whole series if it were to become a comic or a book, i just love it so much
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Beautifully made story line. It's very lovely... =) It brings me back to the actual story we read at school... =D
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Where is the part about when they are talking about following the moon? I found other pieces to the story on imgur. Also, what is the order? Because I love this so much.
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have you thought about linking pages in your description as you post so that people can read your  beautiful fledgling comic in order?
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love this story :)
She's got a point.
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