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Night Call

Happy new year everyone! My casual teen titans was published last december at comic con experience in Brazil. I'm currently setting up my own store to open preorders online! :)

Please keep track of that on my other social media because I'm not logging in dA as much these days!

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this is sooo fireee

devineloser's avatar

yooo this is fire never would of imagined teen titans to look this cool

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your art is amazing!

elartedoodles94's avatar
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This art reminds me of the archie comics lol. Raven is veronica. Starfire is betty
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Beautiful art.  I hope it does well for you.
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This art always hits me as "If Riverdale Was Teen Titans" and its so cool, i love it
KnuckleCracker64's avatar
Im sorry, it was "If The Riverdale Characters Were Replaced With The Teen Titans"
StrangerThingsLuver's avatar

Ok that's what I was thinking! :D

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Robin and Hooter... I mean Starfire
deviantYOUNGARTER's avatar
that's Tim or Dick?
YKArtz2's avatar
Should be Dick Greyson
alfonsopina887's avatar
yeah it's dick or Richard 
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Oh I wuv did ship so much
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Love the arrttt ^^
BalloonPrincess's avatar
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Very cool. I dig the style and your color choices.
PaperCastles92's avatar
This is one of those drawings that I see everywhere.  And I press the like button every time because I never get tired of it.  Love it.
OhBoyPotatoes's avatar
WOW! I love your art!
TheFreshKnight's avatar
I get CW vibes from this
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