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Moving in together

By Picolo-kun
“When we move in together it’s gonna be only you and me and the pets.” 

Raven and Beast Boy as if they're finally moving from the Titans tower! Beast Boy would have a huge dog and Raven a black cat, of course.

As a side note, I'm actually moving in with a dear someone so this drawing came out unintentionally personal :blushes:

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You make it really hard not to ship this. I love ittttt.
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I really like this piece. I can definitely see Garfield starting a rescue organization. He'd make an amusing adult. But because he does exist within DC Comics, the image of him somehow meeting the much later Chameleon or even the early Legionnaires Which included both Raven and Starfire as adults. Though apparently with some research, G. Logan has faced Lobo? That sounds like a crazy fight. Makes me wonder what Gar did to get the bounty hunter's attention. 
You're such a good drawer. You should be in the comic or graphic novel business. Unless you're in comic and/or graphic novel business already that is. I wish I could draw like you.
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i love this picture. I was elated when i found out that they did end up together
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Aw man, if only this could happen in the live-action Titans, probably it might not happen, kinda for the best I think regarding the actors
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This is the most cutest thing I've seen!
Foustdoodles98's avatar
Aww, they look so cute together! They remind me of me and one of my best friends. Picolo-kun
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Ah, that's beautiful. This is absolutely my favorite image of this pairing. You do good work, Picolo :) 
I just love the vibe you feel off these two. Casual, loving, and with simple joys. I can imagine them being in a small town as a fun and somewhat quiet couple. I am beyond impressed with your fan art. Please keep it up
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OMYBOB. I have finally found you! I fell in LOVE with these drawings of Raven and Beastboy and wondered who could draw them just so amazingly! You are the best! I have them as my wallpaper! ♥
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I could definitely see them getting pets, especially BB. Though I'm not sure one would be enough for him. I think Raven would have to stop him from starting a zoo in their house XD The sideburns seem to suit BB well as he gets older. 
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From the hidden secrets of the Book for the initiation of the Universe..
23 - 01 - 1433 AH. 18 - 12 - 2011 AD. 05:02 am
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Aww Cyborg can't get any Love?
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i never thought of raven and beast boy as a couple...but this makes so much sense!
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lol, this is so sweet, and beautiful. :))
Cute!! I love the idea of Beastie having a ginormous dog (great Pyrenees, golden retriever, or golden lab) and Raven with a simple, black cat haha 
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These scenes make my heart hurt. They are so cute.!!
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the atmosphere is so nice <3
Amazon 😄😄
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