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.: Melt my Heart

— When you smile, I melt inside...
— Yea, I know.

This couple is from a past doodle, of a story about a wax boy who falls in love with a candle flame.
Hope you guys like it <3 I guess I'm still in the Valentines mood :XD:

You can read about >>The Palette Project<<  here.

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Roses are red

Candles drip wax

Once you melt

theres no going backs

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They're so beautiful together!!!! *0*
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Looking at the art, it gives a great atmosphere!
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Is that candle stick his dick or something? 
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It is very much like the works of kat-fox...

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 I LOVE this couple!!!
Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] Kofuku Ebisu (Fangirling) [V1] AmethystLA 
can you draw more of them together?  
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I love how this concept of forbidden love and painful warmth branched out into your later works. This could be said to be... the spark that started it all <3
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Exquisite art, line, color and lights. Plus a very strong theme, cruelty of impossible love!
Wow, bravo!!
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Pretty effing awesome... Woaw. I love these characters.

Good job.
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I love the idea of a wax boy falling in love with a candle flame. The Art is such a fab!
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These are beautiful 
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el tipo es la cera y ella el fuego?
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if she eventually burns him out, she'll die right afterwards, yes?
but she also needs him to survive while he simply can't have her at all.
and yet he's the one who fell in love.

it's an intriguing concept.
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so awesome. Both the art  Clap and the story Lonely 
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I REALLY like these drawings of yours!
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How do you do these? 
i believe this is ink and watercolor.
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This is utterly beautiful, both in concept and in its expression. Wonderful job!
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