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It's Friday I'm in love


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#199 Teen Titans by Picolo-kunRaven and Beast Boy by Picolo-kun2016 Teen Titans by Picolo-kunOff-duty hero by Picolo-kunThere are 2 kinds of people by Picolo-kun
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I really love to ship beast boy with raven Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]

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Love how you color them. They look really nice together in your drawings. 
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As much as I love the original cartoon, and I really don't like the Go spinoff, I do want to see the relationship between these two expanded upon in a reboot. The show had hints of it, but never got to this level of affectionate.
Parlag's avatar
I didn't know i would ship them. But i ship them hard after seeing this.
Love your artwork!!!!!!!
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...No but who's Cyborg's senpai
DickButtInk2WeBack's avatar
he doesnt know how to kiss either
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oh my wwtwtttw this is cute
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I love this pic, this is my bf and I right there.

Plus The characters themselves are so cute <3
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I like "The Cure" too ;) (Wink) .....Oh and this pic very cute, good Job! 
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love this piece a lot!That's pretty good - Underswap Papyrus 
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Beast boy resembles my best friend XD
digitalbird06's avatar
your best friend is green? XD
Lochlein's avatar
Lol no! He resembles beast boy. XD
LamentoftheRose's avatar
I want to see a new serious Teen Titans cartoon with you as the artist! :3
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This looks amazing!!!
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Friday Night, Alright!
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Sorry, but I gotta be honest with you peeps, but Beast Boy and Raven are so much better as a couple than how I see BB with Terra, even I think Beast Boy has much more chemistry beside Raven
Nybra-Starz's avatar
U dont say xD everyone should Know its BB X Raven All the way man no side chicks XD
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