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October 10, 2015
Inking Tutorial by Picolo-kun is full of useful advice and insight into how the artist achieves such a delightful and inspirational gallery.  Check it out! 
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Inking Tutorial



Finally finished it \(TwT ) it may take a while to load!!

Here’s my first tutorial! Made possible thanks to my patrons, hope it may be helpful :)
If there's any questions regarding the process or if something wasn't clear let me know!

You can watch the timelapse video of that owl doodle here

🌟Support me on Patreon so I can create more tutorials for you

EDIT 10/02/15: If you're doing inktober I strongly recommend you to take a look at this tutorial! I've been getting a ton of questions that can be answered here c: 

EDIT 10/05/2015: Fehnryr suggested an amazing site for editing your traditional art pics if you want an alternative from photoshop & softwares. Use www.ribbet.com/ to raise contrasts, make colors pop and make your pics as great as the real life drawings! Thank you Fehryr for the suggestion!!

EDIT 10/04/2016: It's that time of the year again! how are your inktobers going?

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Yeeeesss.... *snags it in the downloads like a gremlin* I'm trying to work on more confident lines in my artwork, as well as inking properly, so this tutorial is much appreciated