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October 10, 2015
Inking Tutorial by Picolo-kun is full of useful advice and insight into how the artist achieves such a delightful and inspirational gallery.  Check it out! 
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Inking Tutorial


Finally finished it \(TwT ) it may take a while to load!!

Here’s my first tutorial! Made possible thanks to my patrons, hope it may be helpful :)
If there's any questions regarding the process or if something wasn't clear let me know!

You can watch the timelapse video of that owl doodle here

🌟Support me on Patreon so I can create more tutorials for you

EDIT 10/02/15: If you're doing inktober I strongly recommend you to take a look at this tutorial! I've been getting a ton of questions that can be answered here c: 

EDIT 10/05/2015: Fehnryr suggested an amazing site for editing your traditional art pics if you want an alternative from photoshop & softwares. Use to raise contrasts, make colors pop and make your pics as great as the real life drawings! Thank you Fehryr for the suggestion!!

EDIT 10/04/2016: It's that time of the year again! how are your inktobers going?

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Pho by Shimazun   Hi Picolo, I have a little problem with photoshop, I would be so happy if you had any clue on how to fix this... :(
(it's german but I hope that won't be an issue if you compare it to your programm)
As you can see the white line at the bottom looks very different to yours, and I really can't draw smooth lines like in Paint Tool SAI. They are always edgy like that (and it's a 100% because of the programm). Do you have any idea on how I can change that? I mean are my settings different somewhere? 
Volatile-Rain's avatar
INK IS LOVE, INK IS LIFE. *_* la in love I realized the power of ink only a few days ago. :o :o THE GODS OF INK HAVE BESTOWED THEIR BLESSINGS UPON ME. xDDD Thank you! Thank you!  
Cryptid-Creations's avatar
Awesome!! Thank you so much for posting this tutorial, this is awesome :)!
DRavenK's avatar
This was really helpful, I've been scared to ink over my sketches, im going to start working on it more now thank you
M-Mun's avatar
Thanks, this helps me a lot.
Could you do a shading textures ink tutorial too?
Zelda-Frost's avatar
This helps. My inking is terrible.
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
Thanks a lot for this! I lately decided to go more into inking/black-and-white, so I will consider what you wrote here :).
At the moment, I go over my sketch with a very fine pen, erase the sketch (which results in the black lines lighting up, which I don't like), and then I go over the drawing and add "weights" and variations to the lines.
Lady-foxx's avatar
So my sister is a professional photographer and her favorite days to shoot photos are cloudy days. When it's sunny it's hard to control brightness, and your colors with be 'blown out' or corrupted on screen. 
Thanks for share your knowledge, this is a wonderful tutorial!!! :D
jemibuni's avatar
How can I ink lines well in Photoshop WITHOUT using a drawing tablet...? I use a mouse to draw for now, and this tutorial seems to cater to the drawing tablet crowd...
krihs-S's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial ! It will be really useful :D
Sa-keh's avatar
Thanks for this great tutorial! I recently started playing with traditional inking and the issue with pictures losing "soul" when you ink is definitely a problem I've faced. So thanks for the super relevant tips on how to give your pictures more variability! ^_^
Phenioxtail's avatar
Thank you soooooooo much I really needed this
Zazoreal's avatar
This is a great tutorial and there are so many I want to link this to.
Username-91's avatar
This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I cannot wait to see more tutorials and goodies from you! :dummy:
Belle-Skies's avatar
This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!
sapphire-x-men's avatar
I use krita, its similar to photoshop and it works pretty well. the only difference is that I have to use stabilizer on krita for lineart. I would use photoshop more, but I graduated. try krita and see if you like it!
KeziahNutmeg's avatar
This was fantastic, thank you!
Moi-hime's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial!
SerenityRoseArt's avatar
Thank you so much! This really helped!
hawkins11's avatar
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The artist of the manga Claymore, Yagi Norihiro, also suffered from the problem of stale inking, his solution was to make a copy of the artwork in it's sketched phase, and then compare it with the inked version to see what could be improved to bring the life back into it. He speaks of this in his interview, which can be found in some of the manga's latest chapters.…
Shiatanni's avatar
Thank you for these tips, I'm sure that I will be using a fair few of them :) 
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