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Like seriously, this year is going too fast! I have concluded 1 or 2 of my new year's resolutions, I need more time :XD:

Super quickie after a busy day. My patrons on patreon are receiving custom doodles such as this :heart:

Thanks for supporting my work!

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Cute kitty is cute! You digital art looks nearly traditional.
A-young-soul's avatar
aww too much cuteness.
m9ms's avatar
^^ So cute! :heart:
Dragonfire211's avatar
Uhm.... Noo...??? This is so pretty <3
xRuiisu's avatar
muito fofo ' 3 '
Roxalew's avatar
Awesomely cute Sansynyan~! 
mijnvluchtwereld's avatar
Wauw, I like this one. How did you coloured it in? Online or with watercolor? ^^
NoireRenard17's avatar
this is so sweet and cute ^.^
WolfbotShadowdragon's avatar
ApprovingAbnormality's avatar
Oh my god, I think I just fell in love. It's too cute. Really. Too cute. So lovely.
TheIndianGhost's avatar
This is so adorable!!!! Love your technique! 
starallia's avatar
Ohhhh so cute!
MaxxCrow's avatar
Aww, this is so beautiful.
doohyrrah's avatar
nice technique
JNinelives's avatar
Love how you paint the trees - beautiful! :)
MLPcomiclover's avatar
i cant tell since i live in south California.....
MakenMeister's avatar
I know right!?
And wow.
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