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.: Gryffindor!

" Not Slytherin, not Slytherin."
“Not Slytherin, eh? Are you sure? Well, if you’re sure — better be .


Quick gift for a friend's birthday. Hope she likes it though I'm a bit late TAT 

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Wow it’s just so cute and well done! 🦡🦁🦅🐍

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I know you! Your drawings were on my Facebook a year ago! Can't believe I just found your page this year. 
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Love love love millions of loves
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Memories. 😔 I'm crying now that it's over...
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I'm crying! It's so beautiful
Great! I really love it :)
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What media do you use? it looks absolutely gorgeous. Especially how the paper is
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*gasp* Hermione!! Ur supposed to kiss Ron :D
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The problem is that Hermiona loves Ron but anyway... Perfect picture :D
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I am quickly becoming a huge fan of your art. 
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DDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! If only Hermione and Harry did kiss in the book! I wanted to be a couple sooo badly!
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Pretty sure Hermione gave Harry a kiss on the cheek in one of the books XD It made me so hyped, but then they still didnt get together! so sad :( im pretty sure J.K.Rowling her self had mixed feelings about the Ron Hermione relationship. i think she made a comment about it... maybe im wrong.
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I did read about that. They said in a article that she regretted Harry and Hermione not being together. I would have also like that Tonks and Lupin survive so their child didn't have to end up like how Harry did, and kill Percy not the one of the twins! (I forgot which one, hadn't read it in nine years.)
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You can't kill Percy he just came back to the family!

(The twins are my favorite characters so you know it pains me to say that!)
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she didn't say she regretted. Regardless of what she felt about Ron and Hermione i think she has always maintained that she likes Harry and Ginny. 
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