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.: Golden Snitch

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Golden Snitch


“The Golden Snitch, or Snitch for short, is the fastest and smallest ball on a Quidditch match. It’s known for being extremely hard to see and almost impossible to catch.

The team that catches the Snitch gains 150 points. Catching the Snitch also ends the match and it’s the only way it can be ended.

The Snitch is the size of a walnut and it’s almost always made of gold. The reason why its color is yellow is because it’s the hardest color for the human eye to notice, thus making it even more challenging to catch.”


Tried to make it look like an actual Wizard book. Well, as if Harry would force himself to read something Quidditch related. xD

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The Golden snitch is a ball in the Quidditch game. It’s a golden winged orb, and in the story, Dumbledore hides the Resurrection Stone inside.

J. K. Rowling borrowed this concept from mythology, more specifically alchemy. You can find the Golden Snitch on the Ripley’s scroll from 15th century in the form of the Winged (or Round) Chaos.

The Winged Chaos represents a psychopomp, a messenger of Gods. Those are entities that can communicate between conscious and unconscious (or Worldly and Underworldly) realms. In mythology generally represented by Hermes, Mercury, Iris, Heimdallr and Ratatoskr.

The Ripley’s scroll is an alchemical text, a guide to making the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone — the theme of the first installment of Harry Potter series).