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Girls know best

Long time no see deviantart!

Had a lot of second thoughts but this is gonna be the cover art for my Teen Titans zine! Coming up December 6th! I'll post some finished stuff here but follow me on other social media to keep up with everything ❤

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wow this is so cool keep it up😊

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This is so great and Raven and Starfire are the best!

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Is that Terra talking to BB in the background?
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Ay Robin, I think Raven stole to girl
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I still think Terra was more fitting for BB tho. Dunno, how a goth-like half-demon girl like Raven could fall for him. . .
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Nice catch there
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Nice Beast Boy in the back ground and who I’m assuming is Terra next to him.
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Your art makes me so happy yo, its just so lovely, peaceful. All those things!
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I think I'd like to cosplay this Raven...
xMackAttack's avatar
I love this rendition of the characters! I also saw two people cosplaying your version of Starfire and Raven at Comic Con today, it was so cool!
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ia morrer sem saber que era você o artista desse belo desenho 
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Amazing work! :)
Is that Terra with BB in the background?
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Your Teen Titans art has a very Runaways look to it, and I love it to pieces! Looking forward to more!
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Starfire is NASA chick and Raven is now a goth hipster.
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