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.: Expecto Patronum

Latin, Expecto: "Await, Desire or Hope For"
Latin, Patronus: "Protector

To Hope For a Protector


Also Known as the "Patronus Charm", this spell is particularly effective against creatures witchcrafted by the dark arts such as Dementors.

To use it you should hold your wand next to your heart and think about a powerfull memory. The happiest you can remember.

Allow it to fill you up and move your wand forward aiming at your enemy...


Last doodle before starting The Palette Project .

Sorry for repeating the Harry Potter theme, I just thought it would be cool to imagine how it would be a spell book teaching how to conjure a Patronum. (=

Tried to make it look like an actual book, used reference to make the lettering as I'm no good with typography TvT

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Gorgeous!! ❤😍
MariChan69's avatar
It looks amazing! You really inspired me and now I'm going to drawing art! 
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one of Harry's signatures....and the only one hermione ever had trouble with lol.....I kinda wish they'd revealed the background of the dementors and how and why they were created because if a wizard created them you'd have to wonder how evil they'd be to make something able to utterly destroy someone
ArtmadebyRed's avatar
I have never been more in love with anything than I am right now with this series
Milki-Moon's avatar
Sorry, I know this artwork is a bit old, but someone claims this was traced from yuumei's work here:  Wonder by yuumei

If you referenced or traced from it, it would be better to credit the original artist. 

Sorry for the trouble! ^^;
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Oh my god. ;u; Love your work!
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HP, A wild creature with antlers, probably a stag or a deer, I don't remember.
Love creatures with antlers and horns.
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Let goodness fullfil your heart
Let it grow into happiness
Turn it into hope
Is hope not the strongest weapon
against the forces of evil
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I love those illustrations, they are so perfect and pretty <3
CocoPanda21's avatar
Omg it's just so beautiful!
ZOLLAII's avatar
reminds me of a druids tavel form
ThunderGirl45's avatar
Loooove this!
my Patronus is a fox.
usualInsanity's avatar
My Expecto Patronum is a polar bear. Your art is amazing.
Fefferico's avatar
My Expecto Patronum is a white lion !!
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Bloodly hell this is brilliant good job ;) keep up the great work ;)

bubbles46853's avatar
I wonder what MY Patronus is...
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Yay I've always wondered what my patronus would be probably a wolf :-)
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How many times are you allowed faving one image?
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