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 Raven Constellation by Picolo-kunUrsa Major Constellation by Picolo-kunUrsa Minor Constellation by Picolo-kun
The Map by Picolo-kunZodiac Arrows by Picolo-kun
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Holy Crap! When I clicked on this one just now, right then, the "Somewhere in Time" song started playing on my playlist. No joke. Now, I think I'm kinda macho but I started tearing up instantly... 
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You have amazing work, but I can`t understand why zadiac pierced bears with their arrows? What is the reason for this act? On which legend / myth are your works based?
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It is said that the reason the ursa major is moved across the horizons because it's constantly running away from the hunters which I believe has a name as it is a constellation in itself. Whether his works is based on that fact is up to the interpretation.
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Beautiful. And absolutely depressing.
mollaroo's avatar
do you have a shop at all? I'd love to get this as a print!
Smilebiggerluv's avatar
This is so beautiful! It's very rare that I see art that shows bears like this. It touches my heart in more ways than one.
jamesgunner123's avatar
...ARRGHH!! MY SQUISHY HEART PIECES!!...seriously this is some amazing work but....THE PAIN....<X3
kosekiko's avatar
why would the zodiacs shoot at the bear 
h e l p m e
checkman123's avatar
wow found this somewhere on the internet :D i really like this. great one ^^
Uphryx's avatar
this is fookin beautiful and sad omll

look at this maroonnight24 
MaiaMV's avatar
Wow... just wow! <3 It's beautiful
Annthesquirrel's avatar
omg i can't breathe T_T stahp
Wayleen's avatar
CutiePieTulip's avatar
This is really touching <3
Cra-ZDragon's avatar
wow . . . . that's beautiful, honestly your talent is amazing and yet it has so much feeling too.
cawed's avatar
Oh my god! Is this Ursa Major and Ursa Minor? It's beautiful
Solitaryalopex's avatar
this artwork is a masterpiece ! 
RainInTheWillows's avatar
Your work is some of the only work I've seen from the visual side that can bring actual tears to my eyes. You have quite a gift and I thank you to sharing it with us all. :hug:
CrazyMai's avatar
omg that drawing makes me so incredibly sad...
UnbridledMuse's avatar
Holy hell. This is heartbreaking. I hate it and I love it at the same time...that poor little baby bear...Where are the other bears to exact revenge??
This is a beautiful piece of work, even though it makes me want to cry.
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