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Every dog has its day

By Picolo-kun

Beast Boy: “guess what Rae I got another dog from the street!”

Raven: “but we have like 300 already…”

It's been a while since I don't work with color! I started this drawing with the intention of practicing perspective and draw a bit of backgrounds for a change. The title is from one of Teen Titans episode in which Beast Boy changes place with an green alien dog (hence why the dog is green ish).

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V1EWT1FUL's avatar
plz tell me that isn't the alien dog that beast boy was mistaken for
PastaPawz's avatar
beast boy in your style is the bestttt
MochaRoses's avatar
I see Rae on that phone
Dont try to hide it BB
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Beastboy with his son.  I mean, look at the dog.  It’s green.
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Oh, the dogs an alien.
Darlaimerner's avatar
oh my god give the dog back though
i11state's avatar
I really dig the texture in his hair and clothing. Fave'd! +fav 
cullyferg2010's avatar
What, he's running an animal shelter how?
StoryMan1's avatar
with 300 dogs in his home, I say he is
cullyferg2010's avatar
Sounds like a friend in Colorado with cats.  He use to go to rescue shelters for them, especially those that were pushing 30 years.
Gwin2leane's avatar
He was my favorite when I was younger.Though I loved Raven as well.
xNoOneSingsLikeYoux's avatar
I fell in love with your art work <3
SDWH's avatar
300 dogs?!?!?!
My goodness Beast Boy,
Where do you keep all of em?!?!?!
Anyhow... ahah...
This is a neat drawing. ^w^
fantasylancer's avatar know they could give BB a green dog in the shows and it would probably just make it better....unless he met silkie
Alechelle's avatar
<3 ¿Memories..?
Galatic-Kitty's avatar
I love how the lost dog sign is RIGHT on the pole 
rachellewolf's avatar
so this is beast boy and rae is (obviously ) raven
sydneygremlins's avatar
This guy looks like Anti, lol.
MidnightW0l1f's avatar
I love it! Beast Boy is the man!!
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Adorable, I wander, does he like licking Raven's face too? XD
KrononTA's avatar
very, very incridible 
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