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#89 Maleficent

I've been wanting to draw this a Maleficent doodle for a long time now. I thought the release date for the long waited movie was today and then I saw it's actually in two months >.<

Tried to draw Angelina Jolie in a realistic anime-ish way, based on one of the movie official posters. Hope you like it! ^-^

Familiar black cat is properly hidden on this one, bet you won't find him >8)


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how long do you take to do it?
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This girl stole your art and is calling it hers it took me a long time to find you , her name is ariel caldwell on facebook im not sure how to get her to stop she steals alot of artwork
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Wow, this is really amazing! 

could you tell me what kind of paper and marker did you use? looks great!!!
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This is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. The detail is amazing :D
How much time did it take you? :'o
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the crow, he is cute Heart 
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found the cat! XD I'm in love with your artwork since i started following you at instagram :) More power and imagination to you~
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FamiliarCat: This chick needs a comb, bad.
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This is so cool and I've never seen the movie but I plan on seeing it soon
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wow... this is incredible!
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how do you make the white parts?
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Positively amazing 
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So amazing!!! Omg I can't even just omg WOW!!! :D
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AMAZING! (btw found the cat, it's on her neck, it's actually pretty small)
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Oh wow so awesome! Look just like the one from the movie! :D
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Those lines, just incredible. You have some insane talent. Love your DA.
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I loved this movie. <3 
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Dang. Just dang, dude.
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