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#292 Insomnia

By Picolo-kun
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"I've counted all the sheep, may I fall asleep now?!"

This is how I feel near the end of the semester, so much stuff to do and sleeping is not one of them ><. Before anyone asks, the guy is me this time. Second time drawing myself and it's still so weird x)

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Sheeps sheeps and sheeps !
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Hahaha this is great! ^^
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LOL))))) fantastic)))))
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  Caramba,que cara de assustado!!!!(Desculpe dizer,mas com essas ovelhas me olhando fixamente,até eu me assustaria!Desculpe!) 

  Quando chega final de semestre,a gente fica pensando se vai dar conta,sei como é isso.Ainda mais se tem trabalho no meio. 

  Desejo boa sorte para você!!!
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Why do I tire of counting sheep?
Please take me away from here...
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep?
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Haha this made me laugh! I think that would certainly put anyone off sleeping! ^^
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can't sleep I don't count the sheep but your doodles :3
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red bull power!.
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This is amazing haha those sheep's eyes are making me laugh
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I love it. Amazing work!
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This drawing is really spot on!
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so nice that's me at night !! jaj
So cool !!
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My second favorite number is included!!
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remind me of the video game catherine !! :O awesome :D
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Why do always get this on school days .-. Amazing doodle, as usual :D
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Know that pain =^= But~! Thankfully this will eventually go away too~ Cool sheeps and doodle >w<
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É brasileiro? =D
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E sim (heheheheheh)
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Yes, but then all those sheep will be watching you sleep o_o
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