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#261 Take Pictures

By Picolo-kun
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Help your memory and take pictures! 

An advice I should follow sometimes :XD:. I'm really not into pictures (especially my own because I'm not photogenic), but I really wonder if, in the future,  I'll regret not having a photo of when I was younger. O.O 

How do you guys feel about taking pictures of yourselves? I would really enjoy to hear =]

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 Me and my cousine used to take photos since we were small. When we see them now we are terryfied because it was a long time ago and it's hilarious how we looked and acted then. Nowadays when we are both busy and can't see each other that often, I have fewer proper photos of myself, because I took the photos on family events. But I don't mind it, because it feels so good to give them memories! c:
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smile for the camera !!!
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brings me sadness when i look at photos of my past as im not really in them
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Love this piece :love:
I love taking photos so usually i'm not in them since I'm the one taking the photos but I'm not against having my photo taken. Time to time I do feel like I should take some of myself or have them taken for me otherwise it somethings does get sad when you have all these photos that u've taken and u're in non of them.
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I wish I was as good as you.....:happybounce: 
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Just noticed all the cats. I have a folder filled with selfies that i will never share to the world XI
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Love this one ; ) I don't mind photos. I do enjoy them for the most part and it brings back good memories looking at all of our old ones. c:
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So cool! I'm alright with photo's of me, they're not my favorite, but I'm not against them :P
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I feel the same way as you do!! I hate pictures of myself. I look terrible on camera. They make me really uncomfortable and nervous.
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Amazing art! I am impressed!!!
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I'm the same I really don't like taking pictures of myself cause I never like em lol
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I love ur artworks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much >.< !!!!! Well i take pictures of myself though the fact that i am a very shy person. Only this comment took me 10 min <.<....>.> x)....most of my pics end up making a grimace.
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Your art is amazing btw!
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Not very photogenic either here, but I take a lot of pictures (kinda have to being in AP photography and all, although I enjoy it).
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This are some skills ;)
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I don't like to photograph myself but I also have that same concern of not having a photo of my younger self so I'll do a self portrait on occasion. I do love taking pictures though.
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Taking photos is one of my favourite things :3 I love going back and looking through the photos and seeing all the things my friends have done and getting to see all their expressions as if I wasn't there taking their picture. I'm also quite fond of taking self portraits. :giggle:
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I'm not photogenic, but I'll still be in the picture and make a silly face as an excuse! I love taking pictures, and I rarely delete them because I feel like I'm deleting a moment I can't relive or take back.Heart 
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perfectly painted! I loved it. Meow Love 
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Don't like being in front of the camera- but being behind it is just fine.
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I'm not photogenic either, hehe, I prefer snapping pics of scenes without people—unless my friends are with me!
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Wow, love this Camera :D (Big Grin) 
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