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#225 Avatar Book Three: Fire

By Picolo-kun
I've been enjoying to draw this Avatar series. It turned out to be a corporal language and anatomy study for me. I love how movement is portrayed in this series so I wanted to try it on my drawings. 

Zuko was definitely the hardest one so far because I almost couldn't decide which pose I was going to draw him for this doodle xD

ps: sorry for the late submission guys. I'll upload the next doodle very soon :/

Avatar: The Last Airbender series:

#226 Avatar the Last Airbender by 365-DaysOfDoodles#224 Avatar Book Two: Earth by 365-DaysOfDoodles#223 Avatar Book One: Water by 365-DaysOfDoodles


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Zuko, why so hot?
Vaynth's avatar
I love your artwork! <3
MisakiDrawings's avatar
Dante7979's avatar
beautiful mouvement !!
Plamondon's avatar
Your art completes me 
katsuneyoshino's avatar
Very good study!! His body (as the others) are perfectly drawn! I can feel his kick from here (and he's so handsome *blushing hard*). He reminds me Hibari from KHR.
FrozenOkami's avatar
poor Soka, forever alone with no drawings XD
Winter-Waltz's avatar
Oh my, it's Zuko! :heart: You make him look even more awesome!
CookieDoctor's avatar
In the anime when I first saw him, I didn't really care, but as his character developed, and his hair grew out... I had a small crush on him. Man, my childhood was weird...
Cloud-Kira's avatar
AAAWWW ZUKO! :heart: :heart:

Are you watching the legend of Korra? it's really good, too.
nekodragon12's avatar
Zuko is my favorite out of the show u drew him so well
FaDemian's avatar
Love Zuko !!  :D
SocQA's avatar
Epic work, the pose just kicks ass :D You could make a compilation out of the three covers
CrazyMai's avatar
Amazing all this details and how the proportions are, etc.. :) 
DehFentom's avatar
Quente em muitos sentidos!
Thefriendlywolf's avatar
I really like this :) You have fantastic action lines :)
NekoNinja13's avatar
One of my favorites the other being Sokka, great work!
Fjuri's avatar
Great work and great character!
AliceCat33's avatar
HOT! In both senses of the word!~
NessZ-Girl's avatar
TsukimoriYuna's avatar
ermagerd zuko!!!! <3 <3 <3
JamDii's avatar
Wow this is really fantastic!
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