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#218 Digimon Adventure

By Picolo-kun
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One more to the nostalgia series!

First Digimon Adventures is almost 16 years old! If that doesn't make you feel old I don't what does. TAT 

I've watched Digimon Adveture again and again and it never gets boring. The first and last arcs are the best ones for me. Myotismon ark was way too long and I didn't take Etemon seriously :XD:

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I'm not usually one for Digimon, but this is awesom!
REDXIII-Nanaki's avatar
I know what you mean lol XD;
Whenever they have an anniversary on any games or in an anime, I think back and say to myself "Its been long...makes me feel old lol..."
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Si Tu Lo Deseas Puedes Volar
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Omg this looks so awesome! I remember this show clearly one of my favorite shows. The style is just awesome dude, keep up the awesome work.
garylytle's avatar
So are all of these only ink not pencil sketching invovled
shojoboy1024's avatar
Yay the Digidestined and their partners. 
KageHimeNoMai's avatar
My childhood right here~~ ...also the reason why I ended up with glasses XD (Used to sit and watch for 5 hours straight with minimal blinking >w<)
isaacjralderman's avatar
I loved digimon until they started with the new characters and digimon
YaoiTotoro's avatar

Aw man I can't wait for the new Digimon Tri! It looks so FLIPPING AMAZING!! Not to mention down right EPIC!!! 

crazyartist12's avatar
Happy 15th anniversary of DIgimon adventures!
mitdemadlerimherzen's avatar
How I miss this! Beautiful work!
CombotheBeehen's avatar
Oh my goooooooood, I miss the old times! T____T...
keishikouen's avatar
Oh my childhood... T_T
MegaWizard's avatar
There isn't enough fan art of digimon. Props on this, looks great.
lillosart's avatar
I found you here too, Picolo!!! Great!!
drake-fighter-0127's avatar
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Yeah I love digimon! It used to be a yearly thing to watch the show! 

Not sure if you'll see this, but there's good news! For the anniversary, there will be a show to continue the adventures of the original Digimon cast!
gfm21's avatar
Oh my gosh my childhood lol
nrvrl's avatar
yeah Digimon :D
Mouse-and-BlackGato's avatar
woo... Gatomon <3
jejeje why cry Patamon? =/
Ouryuuken's avatar
The very essence of my childhood.
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