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#203 What I think - What I say

By Picolo-kun
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Texting is apocalyptic on some level. It's a reduction of things. - Nick Cave

I think we can all relate to this somehow. Staying connected is almost a necessity nowadays and I wouldn't say that it's bad; I just feel really odd about texting. When I'm talking, I like to gesture and even change the way I speak to get to my point. It's something that emojis simply cannot replace :/

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I want this printed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>___<
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Judy - (Crying) Icon
That moment of when I want to say something to him or help but I'm just afraid I'll make matters worse and someone will get hurt in the process... but I'm just afraid that if I keep it in much longer I'll be living a life of lies and anxiety.

Do we ignore these feelings and live on with pain and depression?
Or do we say what's on our minds, even if it means everyone else will be upset or annoyed with your decisions and choices.

Guns dont kill people; People kill people!"Let's end this now"
We all say... but then a voice comes out of the blue shouting your name.
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All of the emotion... you're amazing at that...
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I can relate to this. Great job!
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A picture is worth a thousand words.  This is it....
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Love the drawing
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This is how im feeling at the moment
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I just won't to point out how I love how your artwork isn't just always doodles but they always seem to have a deeper meaning. And that's what I think art is, to express yourself of a feeling or thoughts etc. I love how you take a quote and ace I into a beautiful art piece. Because the words are just as beautiful as the lines on the paper! 😊
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This is my favorite of your works. :)
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I do this all the time
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Lol, another pic showing what is in my head
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my life :P lol theres so many things i have wanted to say to people when i text and i just don't in order to not mess everything up :P lol
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This is me 1/2 of the time when my friend texts me about something
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Even your typography and lettering is amazing! I love the meaning behind this one too! :+devwatch:
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That blew my mind! The detail is incredible and it's composed really well (+ there's a cat, so that's a bonus)
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I am in awe of you and your talent! Your art is absolutely breathtaking. Ah, I'm super jealous! In a good way though. :]
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I love this one cuz it's soo true
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and my cat and my messy bed XD and messy hair *w* 
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She reminds me to me D: 
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