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#196 Dexter's Laboratory

By Picolo-kun
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*starts playing theme song*

I miss drawing my messy flowy doodles so there it is. :XD: Really need to catch some sleep, I'll answer comments/questions once I do that (:

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I love their expressions, so true to the characters.
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Couldn't agree more. This is golden!

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Looking at Dee Dee, some things may never change.
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I recognized it right way!! It's really cool!
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Dee Dee's cute :3
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Am I the only one who notices the black cat in almost all of their drawings?
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Wow.  If only Dexter's Lab had actually been done in that art style. The art style used in the show just ruins it completely for me, which is part of why I can't watch.
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Taking western shows and turning them into anime? You, my friend, are a genius. OwO
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nice cool show
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DEE DEE, Do not push that Button Dee Dee!!!. DEE DEE!!
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Dexter's voice actress passed December 22, 2014. Rest In Peace Christine Cavanaugh. Thank so much for drawing this.
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Oh what does this button do?
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i didnt even have to look at the ttle to know who it was...
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What type of sketchbook do you use
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that's what I thought they would look like
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This show has such deep meaning to me. My old border collies who died (2009 and 2011) we named after this show.
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Adoro esse desenho!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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