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#165 Brainstorm

By Picolo-kun
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"Brainstorm is the mulling over of ideas by one or more individuals in an attempt to devise or find a solution to a problem."

In this case all of us brainstorm at some point before starting an artwork. You should really consider the importance of planning your drawing. Theme, composition, characters, elements that will be drawn - all of this can be figured out before even grabbing your pencil. Regarding planning, Abraham Lincoln couldn't have put in a better way: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

This doodle is also ab
out the 2 sides of the mind that clash whenever we try to create something new. 

Left side is logic and analytic. Right side is creative and spontaneous.

This may sound a bit silly but, in other words, all of us have 2 personalities that guides our mind when creating. One, heritage of our childhood, is the Fool. He'll try aimlessly to create, he's audacious and adventurous. The other one arises from our maturation, it's the Judge. He'll criticize details and impose limits to whatever you're trying to create. The two of them will always be there and are useful in their own way. However, you can never put the Judge in front of the Fool. You must allow yourself to brainstorm and create wildly before settling down and paying attention to intricate details.

Each side of us has its own importance and it depends on us to balance them. 

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I love this... This how I feel some days
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Your words corresponding quite interestingly with something I've read in the art course book I'm working through. It's about how as artists we each have to fulfil the dual roles of player and coach.

The 'player' is the creative, uncritical side who puts pen to paper and becomes wordlessly immersed in the process and enjoyment of creating art.

Then when the player has finished their 'game' (the drawing), the 'coach' side steps in and constructively evaluates the player's work, noting what works and what can be improved, developing a plan for further action and equipping the player side to get better.

If the coach side is incessantly or ineffectively interrupting the player when they're in the middle of a game to comment on things, then creativity and flow are hampered. The player can't get freely do their thing and progress overall is hampered. The same is true for the coach needing to look over what's been achieved and provide the player with feedback. If the player never stops to listen to the coach and consider what they have to say, they won't be able to understand their gameplay strengths and weaknesses or how to approach them.

I'm sure you know this sort of stuff already, Sweating a little...  but I've found it incredibly encouraging and eye-opening, and your writing made me think about it again. Hope that all makes sense since I'm veeery tired.
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You are talented, I am so amazed by this it looks so unreal. I can"t believe you drew all this. It's simply inspiring, every doodle you do is a master piece. I would pay a million rails for one of your doodles. This is what are generations art needs, people like you. Here are some points I want to pick out about this fantastic art:
1. It is apart of an object like an apple core or a black bear, it's not just floating up radomly on the page.
2. I like how you have used both pages of the book, it real is effective with the way you made the doodle standout out like that
3. You put so much detail but make it individual standout, as if the every detail tells a story. I hope I get as good and as confident as you. You are one of those people who are show their creativity and dreams, and not only that. You explain how this fells to you and what you are explaining in the doodle. keep using your talent and challenge yourself even more, there is always room for more creativity in this world and we need you! god bless you and may you use your ate to touch people's hearts the way you have.

I am not jealous, I am inspired!
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I wonder why this hasn't been featured as a Daily Deviation yet. This is amazing!!! O u O
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I love this so much!!!!
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Hey, can I use this photo as a header for my tumblr? I'm trying to be more dynamic and this would really help with the redesign.
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This is pretty cool. But i never really seen an artist who plans their art. They just make them as they go along.
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That is such a wonderful description and your drawing represented it so well.
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The intensity and concept of this is amazing.
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I think this is my favorite doodle of yours, so far. It's very encouraging (or idk, I've always put the judge before the fool and ended up never creating as I wished).. keep up the awesomeness~ good luck on the rest of the 365! ^.^
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This is such an intense and accurate interpretation of what goes on in the head of an artist when they are about to attempt to translate what they see in their head into art. I also very much agree with your explanation of how the two sides of the artistic mind work, that's exactly the way it is!
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I love how you included the double helix :>
Very beautiful :)
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More like 'Brain-explosion'! :) Reminds me of my friend when she's in a super artistic mood~~
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ingenious!! or thoughtful, maybe!
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Awesome!! :happybounce: +fav 
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So detailed and stunning :3
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Wahhhso big and detailed butvery cool o -o I really like how they both relate to each other, logic being organised and creative being so big and messy gwagh~lil cat is thinking hard too haha!
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Ive gotta say i was amazed! .nice job
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