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#154 The Weight of the World

By Picolo-kun
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Sorry for the late submission today >.<

This is for those days when you feel that the burden on your back is overwhelming, and your "to do" list is going to blow up on your face. These last 2 doodles came out a bit too gloomy, I think it's because I have my final exam tomorrow. (╯_╰)

No need to say the details were absurdly painful to draw but it came out rather fancy :3

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How do you do those lovely white details? I've attempted to just avoid colouring areas I want white detail in and I always end up with inconsistent lines :/
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Beautifully done. And yes, I also know those days... I hope your exam went well - from the upload date it was several years ago ^^.
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next level visionary art here
thanks for sharing the thoughtfulness...
your gallery is incredibly enlightening...
each piece is a jewel.
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thank you so much the inspirational art work
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amazing beautiful:) 
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your so cool. your art looks like 3d
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Probably a dumb question, but what sort of pen or marker is used for the large black areas on your drawings? The sort of things I tend to buy either bleed through, have very little precision, or dry out prematurely, if not a combination of those.

Also, are these done without a sketch underneath? I've been wanting to ink my things, but my smaller pens die going over pencil. Or, maybe I should git gud and learn to nail it with just a pen. If they are, though, I'd like to know how to find pens that work on pencil.

Oh, and if this hasn't been hammered home already, this is fucking fantastic. Hope the exam went well.
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Must be some kind of microtip and markers.
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This is AMAZING! Love Love LOVE it
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How on earth do you do lines like this... TT___TT
You're a wizard!
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wait, wait there was a film about a bear that had forest on his back! animation.
BetinaFoxyDrawings's avatar
"The Great Bear"
Very good idea
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This looks amazing!! So very detailed.

so many kittens!! *A*
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Wow, awesome! <3
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Cool picture. Great blend of organic and inorganic. Not a fan of technical or industrial drawing myself, but your style and mixture makes it seem more fun. Awesome job.
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awesome =)

Must be difficult to make it on 2 pages leaping over?
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waw. just : waw. ^^
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This is so sad :(  
But I love it <3
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it describes life without words
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That is so sad. It makes me think about the destruction of the rainforests and those poor animals losing their homes...
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