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#143 Peter Pan

By Picolo-kun
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"All you need is Faith, Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust"

There are so many stuff to be drawn about Peter Pan I couldn't decide what to draw so kept it simple. I guess I may draw some other Peter Pan doodles in a near future (something about the lost boys or the indian crew). I really love the whole universe of this story owo

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After once upon a time i fell more in love with Peter PanHeart 3D 
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After Once Upon A Time I hate Peter Pan :VDiamond Tiara Double Chin 
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Oh, your drawing is magnificent! That's wonderful! I am simply struck with your ability so fine to transfer all details of characters! Delight! Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz…
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Oh yeah! Hook! This is wonderful and awesome and ravishing!.. Just great!
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oh my gosh!!! I love peter pan!!!!!
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I really really love the composition in this.  And the way you drew Tink in the lantern really catches my eye.
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"Welcome to Neverland, where your dreams come true, where your life begins and never ends are made to arrive, turn on the second star to the right and fly until dawn"

a great job as my dear siemper a great job
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I've always enjoyed Peer Pan but recently I've seen Hook as less than a villain and more of a sex-pot. Must be something with menopause. It'sa good thing Little Black Cat is hanging onto John's back! I would hate for him to be lost between the stars, Beautiful Little creature!
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Hook looks great in this!
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Ah many swirls @ u @ I like how they seem to be swirling along with the magic whehe~ Ah black cat has gone for a fly too
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Looks so fun --- I kinda wanna join in XD
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I'm not so imagine Captain Hook))) but good!
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I love how you create the flowing lines in all of your pieces. They're gorgeous. :)
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That's awesome! My drama program did Peter Pan Jr. just a couple days ago!
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this is so beautiful! :iconhappyskipplz:
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That's a wonderful Captain Hook!!! Very devious! 

Aww Kuro you're so cute!! ❤️
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Captain hook here is so hot. :p
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This is amazing!:D
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Sometimes simple is really cool, like this.  Wonderful job!
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Peter Pan, will you take me to neverland?
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So cool! I like how you drew captain hook in the corner
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