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Knocking on the Goddess door

Location  Bedroom
Be careful when you knock on someone's door. There's a Goddess among us, and she could be on the other side waiting for mortals to tease. You might end up wandering on the most unusual places at the mercy of the beautiful GooddessNikki

Thanks to  
@nikkiscutefeet  for inspiring this piece.
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lolaccount1's avatar

I need to find her house asap

Snowslasher's avatar

I thought this was just cool until I saw her face in the background in the first panel (nice fading, really maeks her feel huuuuge) and now it's favorited

picojin's avatar

Haha glad you notice. It wouldn't be accurate if i didn't get that size difference.

Deha40's avatar
Could U do some nami giantess vore?
picojin's avatar

Well not sure if is going to be vore but I'm planning to draw Nami one on these days

PIEDZILLA's avatar

Sexy, good job!!

CaptainShip101's avatar

Is she like another OC of yours or someone elses OC?

picojin's avatar

Nope. She is better than an OC. She's a real person... I mean Goddess :D

benblue20's avatar

they're gonna go to NikkiLand after

picojin's avatar

Exactly this is just an initiation process

Tamekindofguy's avatar

Man are they going to have a heart attack when they turn around. Curious where they started before reaching the 'top'. I would love to believe it was close to the horizontal crease between her buttock and upper thigh ... (that's the best I can describe it. Look up gluteal fold if you want a better explanation.)

But enough of those thoughts: time for some long-winded (and unprofessional) examination.

Top Panel: I love how the entire panel has this soft texture. The panel also has so much noticeable detail because of the perspective. The detail of the shorts, wow. The line work, texture, and shades of light and shadows: I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to art. But if I had to take a stab at it, this part of the drawing took the most time? I can only imagine how much time must've been spent just to get that result, especially all those lines. It looks wonderful.

Then there's the more faded image of Nikki in the distance. I don't have a lot of knowledge on science. But I assume that at the micros' size, the light would be stronger(?). Regardless of whether that is what is being conveyed, I love how you made her upper-body more blinding because of the light (which side bar, I'm assuming those are light particles appearing in a line from the micro girl. If it is, love the attention on that).

And the lighting and detail has this consistency throughout it that gives the panel this level of life that borders close to being realistic. It has that coloring and texture similar to your other work: "Keeping your friends really close", where you are going further in that area of drawing that is outside the norm of what you usually draw. That level of craft, your desire to try new things and improve, and consistency is very impressive.

Bottom Panel: I love how you contrast the top panel's more enhanced detail with the bottom panel's more sharp coloring. It really showcases the change of view between 'small and up-close' versus 'large and distant'. Further, this panel has your signature coloring that is familiar with all your other works. Contrast that coloring with the top panel, where the coloring and detail become different because of that perspective. Particularly Nikki. The coloring for Nikki in the top panel is more soft and faded enough to look different and almost close to real life compared to the bottom panel where she's more cartoonish, and colors are bold and sharper. It really sells this juxtaposition that could happen from a shrunken viewpoint and showcasing your artistic direction.

And as for Nikki herself, I love the art style for her. Maybe it's the coloring and linework, but she looks different (in a good way) from your other works (probably because she looks more mixed between Western/Anime style? Apologies if I misinterpreted that). Anyway, I would love to see you draw this type of style again in the future. And ... what else is there to say other than she's gorgeous (and big in many places).

Conclusion: Aces! You continue to be an inspiration with your art. With progress and results like this, we continue to watch your career with great interest. Excellent job!

picojin's avatar

Wow... you really are paying attention. I appreciate that very much. It's just as you said there are two styles in there sharing the page. Those two styles are a consequence of all the trying different approaches I tried the last year.

Among my insecurities as an artist there is my believe that I have done such many fanarts that I couldn't form signature style. At least not one that can be quickly recognized but certainly you are able to see some patterns.

As for the manga-western-cartoon face is the result of bringing more realism to the manga world, I wasn't trying a western style but the real life reference lead the design to a similar result.

Tamekindofguy, thanks for your comment and for expressing that much interest on my work. Hope you stay in tune to see where this kinky art exploration takes me to.

Tamekindofguy's avatar

No problem! It's because you put the work into your art that I am able to reciprocate in kind. That and your style is really captivating to me.

I like to examine a lot of things. Be it filmmaking, reading between the lines in literature, musical composition, and of course: artwork. It's because I notice those little or large details is what makes me appreciate those works even more. And even if I have a lack of knowledge in their techniques or trade, I still like to try and share those appreciations to artists like you.

If I may offer some additional feedback: I think it's all about exposure. You allow yourself to draw various fanarts of characters with different designs to avoid being complacent with each original artist's type of style. And that in turn, allows you to avoid being restricted. Giving you the ability to draw in a way that's faithful to the spirit of the original art but also sprinkle in certain details that stand out as your style (take for example: your distinct coloring and shading). This also allows you to experiment not just in the fanart, but also when you draw your own characters. Like Shouko.

I'm sure there are people who watch your work also recognize familiar details and elements in each work you present because of being continuously exposed it. If it worked for me, I'm positive it worked for others too.

Finally, the fact you have those insecurities and still aspire to be better and learn, is respectable (heck, even admirable) because your genuine about it. Which if I must say, that sincerity is also reflected in your art.

And if you need a push, I'll be there on this adventure of yours. To borrow Anton Ego's final line from Ratatouille: "Surprise me!" ;P

picojin's avatar

Thanks a lot for you kind words.

And now this is on my mind:

Drifter357's avatar
The blurring effect is on point. Keep up the great work Picojin!
picojin's avatar

Thanks I have overdone it the past so I tried to limited to key areas on this one.

This is AMAZING! I would love to see a part II. I want to go to Nikki’s land!

HeroofLightandDark's avatar

Welp have fun being on that goddess's booty. Or well Nikki's booty.

SmolCrowBro's avatar
*immediately knocks on door*
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