picogen 0.3 release + what next?

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By phresnel
(see UPDATE below)

Freshmeat: OpenEXR support has been added (QtPfsGui is suggested for those now). picogen-pure, a mostly CLI renderer that could also be used for batch rendering, is included. Some severe bugs have been detected and squashed.

Full changelog: picogen.org/changelog

Nice-to-haves for 0.3.x-series: Realtime 3d preview, integration of visual Sun-Sky-Editor into SimplexGui.

Download: code.google.com/p/picogen/down…
Complains and support at: picogen.org/forum/
And if you want to help with documentation: picogen.org/wiki/

Any help and feedback is much appreciated.

Sorry for not providing a 64bit Windows build, but I am lacking licenses.

Linux-Sidenote: If you can't use the .deb-packages or can't install the right packages for the tar.gz's, it might be worth trying the windows versions through wine. This perfectly functioned for me!

What next?

IRTC (irtc.org) has running a rendering contest (www.irtc.org/irtc/irtc?_n&pg=C…) with this topic:
Plants - Renderings of flowers, trees, foliage, seeds, or anything to do with plants, either real or imagined, on earth or elsewhere.

I took this as a motivation to start implementing L-Systems into picogen. Only 33 days left to implement an L-System-Compiler, an interpreter, and proper acceleration structures for the rendition of millions of plants? Challenge accepted. Plants will therefore be featured in the 0.4 series :)

More about L-Systems:
* commercial L-System implementation: xfrog.com/ (xfrog.com/ ) (you'll recognize the potential)
* en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lsystem (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lsystem) (introduction for geeks)
* algorithmicbotany.org/papers/a… (low quality, other versions at algorithmicbotany.org ; handy for writers and implementors of L-Systems)

UPDATE: 29 days and 18 hours left, and the L-System compiler+virtual machine are done, with the following features:

* context sensitive
* parametric
* conditional
* stochastic
* bracketed

I thin,k those are all general purpose features that exist. Other features (e.g. loops) are, to my knowledege, only used in exotic applications, e.g. city generation (uhm, yes, that's another plan for a later version picogen) and architecture.

Feature wise, this is a complete implementation of chapter 1 of "The algorithmic beauty of plants" (the book is free as in beer and can be obtained via algorithmicbotany.org ), except for the turtle interpretation (that is: drawing is not implemented yet).

But well, 29 days left :)
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lyc :#1: :)

I remember that image, and afaik it is amongst greenhybrids favourites :)

48 hrs is a great job, imho.

It will take a bit longer for my implementation, though, as I also implemented bracketed, parameterized, stochastic systems. Two main-features remain: Expressions and conditions.

I not only want to kick terragens ass, but also xfrogs :D

About kicking into high: Seriously need to make it more usable :S
lyc's avatar
in 2005 i did it in under 48 hours for a university project: [link] (admittedly it didn't allow for millions of plants [need a 2nd level accel structure] and was quite crudely rendered, but a third day and some sleep would have worked wonders!)

*ahem* painful past experiences aside, i'm really looking forward to seeing your results! sounds like you're kicking into high gear with picogen :D