picogen 0.3~beta6 released

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By phresnel
Freshmeat: This release fixes several oversights. The documentation was improved, and example scenes are now shipped. Performance was improved, and memory consumption was reduced. A path tracer has been added. The Debian packages are now clean with respect to Lintian.

It is important for users of the .deb package to note that they must first uninstall their existing picogen installation before upgrading, as the old version numbering was wrong

Full announcement and changelog: picogen.org/forum/viewtopic.ph…

Master-Target for 0.3~beta7: Improve documentation with a ton of examples.

Download: code.google.com/p/picogen/down…
Complains and support at: picogen.org/forum/
And if you want to help with documentation: picogen.org/wiki/

Any help and feedback is much appreciated.

Sorry for not providing a 64bit Windows build, but I am lacking licenses.

Linux-Sidenote: If you can't use the .deb-packages or can't install the right packages for the tar.gz's, it might be worth trying the windows versions through wine. This perfectly functioned for me!
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