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(update below)

To not bore you with unecessary details right now, just let me say that the last remaining "master" feature (*) that was mandatory for the 0.4 release is 99% complete.

What does remain are details, whose sum is still significant, but the gros work has been done.

(*) it is related to "Parametric Presets", where you use some program/user-supplied heightfunction that can be tweaked by just a handfull of edit-boxes and drop-downs et cetera, see fav.me/d34sdza . That feature can only be meaningful if you *have* parametric presets, and for that, I introduced a file based database. In the future, that databasee will also be filled with preset materials, colours, textures, and more :)

update 2011-01-18:

* A major bug has been removed, caused by Instances and Bound-Instances (something that does not have to struggle the end-user ;)) not propery forwarding a prepare() call. In result this meant that often, there was terrain, but sometimes, not (because under the hood, the root-node of the lazy quadtree was not cleanly initialised).

Remnant before release: Documentation. I am thinking about writing a dialect of markdown (daringfireball.net/projects/ma…) for documentation, but I'm also having a look at alternatives (preferably something that is also editable by end-users), possibly I just keep the wiki (but spam sucks at times).
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Can I make a request? Have you ever heard of isosurfaces? The allow overhangs like you wouldn't believe and have pixel based unlimited detail. I have created a few isosurface landscape pictures in povray and the volumetrics plugin for mojoworld.  their usually used to create 3d shapes (usually for scientist and doctors) but if you mix a 3d noise with the y/z gradient it can produce some nice landscapes. check out my randscape pics. It would probably be really hard to implement but I think it would be worth it. thank you for picogen