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By phresnel
I took a new job some 2 years ago.

This unfortunately increased my travelling time from just 10 minutes to now 1.5 hours per day. For a long time, it was even at 3 hours. In effect, my spare time (== picogen time, among other things) was drastically reduced.

I have learned the basics of Haskell and also learned Python. Those languages are great in that they give you more effect per line of code.

Picogen is not forgotten and still the tool of my dream. It's really just that I currently lack the time to continue the pace of the past.

Hopefully my new knowledge will turn into new picogen releases early, but I unfortunately can't give you a definition of early.

Thanks to everyone for the heads-up and support :)
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heya mate, it's great to see you back :) we should catch up on gtalk sometime.
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By the way: [link]

I think a non C++ system fits my current situation better. The Renderer will be Haskell, the surroundings possibly Erlang (which I haven't learned yet) or Python (learning since last year).

The idea: It is impossible to me, w.r.t. time constraints, to write a performant terrain ray tracer in C++. So I just write a reference renderer in a very productive language that is easy to verify, and later offer the option to use Lux or something.

That way, I can focus on renderer-correctness and usability :)
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Definitely :)

Great to see you are still here.

Just had an enlightenment about Radiance. While I knew what Radiance describes, Shirley/Realistic Ray Tracing provided me with the missing intuition for it :)