Skipping 0.3~beta7 for sake of 0.3.0

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By phresnel
I think the next release will be the final 0.3 release.

The main mission set for version 0.3~beta7 was to lift up the documentation. When I think about it, what is even more important than good documentation might be easy to use GUI elements, and my personal skills are more in writing widgets  than writing documentation ...

Also, after 6 beta releases it slowly becomes slightly ridiculous to have even more beta releases, especially when I think about that picogen is already below 1.0.

So, I am seriosuly thinking of skipping those beta-releases alltogether, for the sake of a smaller but properly versioned 0.3. Then, minor enhancements can be both, documentation updates as well as addition of new widgets.

And over time, the SimplexGUI will provide enough widgets to justify the rise of a new, user-friendlier GUI that doesn't focus on being feature complete w.r.t. the underlying renderer, but which really puts a focus on the user.

So, expect a version 0.3 in the next days. It will also contain a fix for a severe bug that could cause infinite recursion on water-planes.
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