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... left before I must submit an image "of flowers, trees, foliage, seeds, or anything to do with plants, either real or imagined, on earth or elsewhere" to irtc.org (IRTC).

A plethora of features have been added "just" to be able to render trees, I think so many that I could tag the next release with version 0.10 instead of 0.3. Stay snoopy, I've also mocked up the rough layout of the phresnel.deviantart.com/art/Ea… (next GUI).

But back on topic: Less than a day left. Right now I am rendering two variations of one image that features a nice, foggy sunset, with many trees + (yay!) semi transparent foliage. I'll be posting both versions on dA the next days (it was/is really worth the effort!). The one my gf likes more will get some more computation time when I am home before submission.

Times are funky, aren't they? :D
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