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The Milky Way galaxy has various arms that curl out from the centre. Our solar system is right in the middle of one of these arms —the Orion Arm

Also, whilst we're on the topic of galaxies (totally didn't search for a galaxy related fact just so I could do this) - Has anyone seen the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer? (see www.youtube.com/watch?v=B16Bo4… ) It looks AMAZING!! And hilarious and awesome and I'm so excited for it!! :squee: I mean, I wasn't really looking forward to it before, but now...I can't wait! :woohoo: 

Also, I found another old picture on my computer, but it's like, really depressing...like, worse than SATPI sad (it's about Clint and Tasha as well xD) Should I upload it? Or like, stick it in scraps? I don't even know if it would need an 'ideologically sensitive material' warning - it's not about suicide, but I'm kinda worried that people might see it that way...

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That trailer was awesome!!! Seriously can't wait for the movie, it looks like it'll be the not-so-dark-phase-2-marvel-movie xD 

Oh, now you got me intrigued! I really want to see it pleeeease! xD 
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I know right? It's looks so so so awesome!! I'm way too excited (as well as being excited for Cap 2...man, Marvel is gonna kill me with all these feels xD)

Ha ha, I'll put her up then xD
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Marvel is gonna kill us all, I'm afraid xD But I'm willing to pay that price because their movies are awesome :D
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You should submit it.

And Guardians of the Galaxy looks awesome. I can't wait for it. :D

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Everyone else is in agreement, so I will :)

I know! I'm so excited! :dance:
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I vote for submitting it!
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Ok, I'll stick it up :D
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you should submit it ^^
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Heh, ok xD I'll put a warning on it I think...
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