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tremor by nikosalpha
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tremor :iconnikosalpha:nikosalpha 2,534 550
Scrollable CSS boxes in Journals
If you need a scrollable box in your Journal, where you can put recent news, fav's or thumbs, this one is for you.
Let's cut the BS and go to the code.
Put the following in the CSS (beta) box on your Journal:
position: relative !important;
overflow: auto!important;
vertical-align: top !important;
height: 190px !important;
width: 100% !important;
border: 1px #92A399 solid !important;
padding: 15px!important;
The below code goes into your Journal body:
Add your contents here
No BS - just CSS :lol:
Obviously the parameters of the colors and such can be changed. Go play with the stuff to make it suit YOUR Journal.
I hope someone can use this. If it has been posted before, please excuse me - I didn't see it.
Have fun =)
:iconbeyondthehorizon:BeyondTheHorizon 171 163
Tips and Tricks for Photography
I'm fairly new to photography, and I always love hearing new tips.  So I thought the best way to help myself as well as others was to contact some people I admire.  I've gotten some great responses, and here are the results!
1. JessicaBader says:
-When shooting outdoors, the sun should be behind you (unless you're shooting the sunrise/set).
-If you're taking a close-up of the face, put your focus on the eyes.
-Use a tripod for long shutter speeds so that your subject is always in focus.

2. Ursylla says:
-"Practice from the heart and not competitively... following trends in photography gets you nowhere because all trends come to an end eventually."

3. mediocre-matt says:
-"Experiment with different techniques. Don't be afraid of what other people say, just do what YOU want to. When it comes to photography, be selfish. It's all about YOU."
:iconmmmrobin:mmmrobin 537 122
Portfolio Page Design Winners!
Portfolio Page Design Winners!
As announced last week we were offering to let the deviantART community get the chance to design the subscriber portfolio page. And as promised, we would be announcing those winners today! So without further ado, here they are!
:star: Winning the Grand Prize of a one year subscription and 100 deviant Dollars is electricnet with this smooth clean stylish design. It was the top pick from everyone involved in the judging, and bonus points for creating an html version off site!

:star: Second Place and receiving a 6 month deviantART subscription and 50 deviant Dollars is roush2dee with this design which is similar in theme to the v5 colors

And the runner up winning a 3 month subscription and 25 deviant Dollars is aquaraven with a unique, almost reverse color scheme!

The grand prize winner will be retooled and set up to work as t
:iconlolly:lolly 317 961
New Sharing Tool Coming!
Share The Good Stuff!
As deviantART grows in size one of the things that often times comes up is "how on earth do I get noticed here?" as well as "I just saw this cool piece of art and I want to really get it out there to show other people". Well, we will be making that much easier for you later this evening with a new link that you will find next to deviations that will allow you to quickly send a thumbnail of the image to another deviant via our note system…but that are just the small stuff!
In addition you will be given the means to easily publish it to, and Now you can be part of helping killer art from DA infiltrate further and further into the tubes of the internet!
All of this will be accomplished by an easy to use "Share This/Blog This" button next to each deviation.
How Can I Participate?
The way to allow others to share y
:iconlolly:lolly 390 799
Portfolio Page...Contest! CLOSED
Portfolio Page...Contest!
**UPDATE** The contest is now closed and winners will be announced Monday!
So as many of you may recall, we promised to add a special portfolio page to subscribers accounts? Well, we are working on getting those rolling out but we have come to a stumbling block trying to decide exactly how they should look. And hey, since you guys will be the ones using them we decided you should be the ones who get to choose what they look like. But first…
For those unfamiliar with the concept I shall explain. The portfolio page will be a page that has a space for personal information, contact information, and the ability to place deviations on them of your choosing. The deviations will have no commentary on them, and a description will be optional. You may also pick and choose what deviations go on them. Primarily with things like this you would use it to showcase your strongest work.
The page itself will be
The point of t
:iconlolly:lolly 398 598
S i m p l i s m by KassandraLeigh S i m p l i s m :iconkassandraleigh:KassandraLeigh 2,613 503
Frontpage Customization
As web services evolve, users tend to require the ability to customize the web pages that they see, as if they were applications themselves. We have, therefore, arrived at a time where once famous web sites have grown to become so-called web applications, where they don't only serve the purpose of online documents, but allow users to modify them according to their needs.
Especially in a website related to art, this is more true, as users tend to have very specific tastes and likes; not only that, but when it also involves a large community, this tends to be an absolute requirement, since it is the only way to allow people to explore a wider range of art and artists. Hence, deviantART could not exist without such as feature.
This user guide aims at explaining how to use the Customizable Frontpage of deviantART, which can range from a very simple customization to a very complex one, if one decides to use the e
:icondionyziz:dionyziz 262 155
deviantART Phenomenon Line Rider coming to Wii, DS
fsk accidentally created an Internet phenomenon with his deviation Line Rider (click thumbnail below for link) in September, a simple Flash "toy" which allowed users to draw pictures on a screen for a character on a sled-like device to ride on until he wipes out. Since then, it has attracted over 16 million viewers on deviantART alone and inspired over 11,000 YouTube videos.

Today, Newport Beach, California based developer inXile Entertainment announced it had purchased Nintendo Wii and DS rights to Line Rider, and would ship the console versions in Spring 2007. inXile says Line Rider for the Wii and DS will have "new added features" but remains tight-lipped as to what they are.
"I have been around the interactive entertainment industry long enough to have seen similar phenomenon like Tetris and Bejeweled become massive international hits, and Line Rider has all the elements to do the same," said Brian Fargo
:iconplankhead:Plankhead 64 34
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Six
Welcome to part six of Getting the most out of your CSS Journals! I can't believe how far these articles have gone, and the support and questions I've been receiving about CSS and such. I'm actually on time with the article this week, and we have some great journals to showcase, as well as a few neat gadgets to showcase, such as adding an official-looking stamps box to your page, displaying CD covers when you hover over a link, and much more. You still reading this intro? Get moving onto the first section!
Official-looking stamp boxes in your journals!
A LOT of people on dA use stamps. And why not? It's the best way to show your support for a club, person or something totally random. But sometimes you don't want to shove them all at the bottom. It's just too much of a pain, and can sometimes break your layout. So what to do?
Surely you know of dancewiththesky 's deviantEXPERIENCE, which not so long ago won a DD? This guy just doesn't know when to stop with the awesome ideas
:icongrayda:Grayda 167 110
New Subscriber Features! Way Back and New Channel!
Wayback and devWatch Channel for Subscribers!
Within the next few days, we will be adding two more features to the subscribers package!
The awesome Wayback feature and a custom devWatch Channel for the Customize option on the front page!
Way Back
Way Back is the new subscriber feature talked about around when we were developing version 5, and in a nutshell it is a browse option that does basically what its name implies. You can choose a category like Portraits and choose to browse all the portraits from January 12th 2004 or jump over to Wallpapers and look for what was submitted for all of June 2003!
deviantWatch Channel
Now for subscribers, in addition to being able to customize 20 channels on the main page, you can now choose to make one of them be your deviantWatch. That's right, make one of them into your deviantWatch, and every time you go to the main page you can see the newest art from all the deviants you watch right there along with all your other favorite
:iconlolly:lolly 128 188
Customize! The deviantART front page...your way!
Customize! The deviantART front page…your way!
Very soon we will be releasing the very cool customize feature for the home page of
:iconlolly:lolly 1,174 2,463
Prints II Launch
Just in time for the holidays, we are happy to announce the launch of the first phase of the entirely new prints program. Much more is yet to come! Prints II is hand-crafted by pirates, code monkeys, and magical liopleurodons! We have new tools, new features, new functionality, new products, new prices, and well, a bunch more new stuff.
All users registered on deviantART are now Standard Print Account holders.
All users with a print account purchased before November 21, 2006 are now permanent Premium Print Account holders, and they do not have to pay the annual subscription fee that new premium accounts will require.
The new Standard Print Accounts are NOT the same as the Basic Prints Program, which has been discontinued. All deviations submitted as prints for the Basic Prints Program have been rejected and removed from all shops. You must resubmit.
New Shop!
Check it out here. New
:iconrobert:robert 471 915
New Submission Process...LIVE!
New Submission LIVE!

That right there, is a nice simple screenshot of the nice simple all new simple as pie smooth sweet silky goodness known as the all new revamped submission process that was spoken about here yesterday!
And within minutes, NAY, seconds of its launch, we had the first submission to utilize it from Dubtiger and the first deviant to check out the new resizing feature was Jaszczurka! Enjoy your 3 month subscriptions for making your mark in this bit of DA history!
And now, rather than keep you stuck here reading this news article, I will keep it short and sweet, like the new submission process itself ( sorry I couldn't resist saying it one more time ;) ) and let you guys go out and Submit some art!
Enjoy! And also, a big round of applause to randomduck and mudimba for all their hard work on this! And give yourselves a hand f
:iconlolly:lolly 412 1,835
Skin Deep - First Edition
Welcome to the first edition of Skin Deep, a feature series that aims to go beyond the Daily Deviations and showcase more fine customization works. ipholio and myself, abhimanyughoshal, have been scouring the Skins & Themes and Icons galleries to bring you some real fancy treats! Check 'em out!

Alysseum Miranda Skin by Febernovo
A little gloss, some wicked colours, and a whole lotta style make this skin a treat to use!

Imagine for Rainlendar v2 by Benijamino
This fabulous Rainlendar theme uses a colour scheme reminescent of heylove's awesome Area04 theme. Put 'em both together for twice the goodness!

Deviant Art for w900 BBT2006 by EnzuDes1gn
If you've got a serious DA fetish, show it off on your phone with this wonderful theme for SE W900s!

MIPOD by Skin-Consortium
The great skinning group's clever take on the ever-popular iPod, for WA5!

Em3lent Styler Toolbar
:iconabhimanyughoshal:abhimanyughoshal 56 31
Getting the most out of your CSS Journals Four
Welcome back! If you're wondering what happened the last two weeks, I decided to give the series a two-week break. Mostly to build up the ideas, but also to give your eyes a break. I doubt either worked, but on we shall press! If you want to read the other articles, check out Getting the most out of your CSS Journals! which has the list of the previous week's articles. With that out of the way, on we shall go!
Custom mood images
With dAv5 came a whole heap of new "Mood" icons, little animated dudes that you could set as your journal mood. However these weren't enough for most. If you could do your own custom emotes in journals (ie. using the :thumb: notation), or using :icon: to display 50x50 avatars, why could you not do your own custom mood images? With this simple CSS / HTML hack, you can! This simply involves laying our image over the top of our mood image. Here's the code:

:icongrayda:Grayda 184 91




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