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dAmnMobile is the only way to get onto the deviantART chat network using your iPhone, iPod Touch!

No longer available.

See the original deviation which received a Daily Deviation here.

Previous versions:

dAmnMobile 2 by Pickley dAmnMobile 2 for iPad by Pickley dAmnMobile App by Pickley
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Not avaible on your región 
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"No longer available." in the description...

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Make android version!
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I've killed the iOS one off. There will be no more dAmn apps for either platform for the foreseeable future. It isn't worth third party developers time.
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Since dAmnMessenger is dead, is there going to be another Android app?
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I never wrote dAmnMessenger and dAmnMobile has always just been for iOS, so unlikely to come to Android anytime soon.
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Ah. That is sad, then.
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Will there be a windows phone version anytime soon?
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No, as there are no Windows Phone users.
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But how do I tab in the app....
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Type @ and it will suggest names as you type
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Is this available on Android?

If not, I could try to code that. I mean, I could try, no garuntee I will.
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baronbeandip makes this for Android.
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This app has been updated to v3, click the links above to buy and get it today!
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This app is no longer in the App Store?
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not sure if this is happening for anyone else, but recently I can't log in without the app crashing, and I tried to find it in the App Store and it's not there at all. Has something happened I don't know about?
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Have a read of this pickley.deviantart.com/journal… for more information.
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I'm wondering if it's just me, but the app keeps shutting me out whenever I keep entering it. Can you look into it, please? ^^;
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Known :). A bug fox is in review with Apple now and will be out as soon as it can be.
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Hello, recently yesterday the app started not working for me for some reason. I reseted the account, reinstalled it, I even checked it on my other devices but all of them keep doing the same problem. It shuts me down every time I attempt to log in, going back to the same sign in page.
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Hey, working on a fix for this issue today.

Waiting on a reply to an email regarding it to fix it completely.
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It keeps shutting down on me every time I log in.
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Please try to reinstall the app and see if that helps.
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