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Snow Leopard



Finally finished with the Snow Leopard. I am super happy with the way she turned out. This is for :iconnationalyarnographic: they are having a Winter themed contest.

Snow leopards also have shorter leg, snow shoe paws, and a thick tail almost a meter long. These features help them balance on the rocky terrain of their home. They have long hair with thick underfur. Their thick tails can wrap around their bodies and keep the wind out of their face.

This whole piece started out white. All the coloring was added later with fabric markers. (I asked before if this would still be acceptable for the contest and it was allowed.) I looked at so many pictures of snow leopards to make this that I lost count. Every single one of them had different spots. So it was a bit tricky to nail the basic layout of the spots, but I'm happy with it. Since the piece is brushed to make it fluffy, the spots move with the fur. The end of the tail looks a little ruffled but actually those spots are are the same as the spots at the base of the tail. Fluffy :3

I decided to use a dark background with this one because the white one tends to wash out light pieces. I also added some rocks for her to stand on. I'm really happy about how the whole piece came together. I was going to take some different angles but then the whole table I had them on fell and everything went everywhere. Plus it was like 12 degrees outside and I couldn't feel my hands.

Hope you like it!
P.S. I probably wont be able to finish the tigers this month I'm making some pieces to trade and sell, but look forward to them next month.
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You really are one of the most imaginative amigurumi artists I've run into. I've had several designs I had to wait to make cuz I couldn't figure out spots or stripes. Mind if I share this on my facebook group?