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Hi, I'm Sara/Pickleweasel, and I like to write, draw, bead, and knit! I hope you like what you find in my gallery! PM me if you're interested in reading the fics I can't post here!
Hi, all! I hope you've been doing well, I've missed you! Sorry that I haven't been around, work has just kind of consumed my life. I'm hoping to find a balance and be able to spend less time lesson planning and grading, but for now, it takes a long time. It's not uncommon for me to work 12+ hour days. And for part of the weekend. That's not uncommon for new teachers, apparently.

I've been enjoying teaching so far, despite the big time commitment. My favorite part is when I work one on one with a student and then they finally -get- something that they had been struggling with. And for some reason, I actually kind of enjoy grading. My least favorite parts are lesson planning and classroom management (mainly getting the kids to be quiet or stop doing disrespectful or disruptive things).

I'm still feeling my way around with the challenges in classroom management - I actually got told by a student (she was trying to help me) that I just needed to grow some balls and take charge of my class. It was hard to hear, but she meant well, and she's right that I need to be more assertive. I'm going to start having to have morning detentions for the really disruptive students, and calling home.

As for lesson planning... I struggle to make really interesting engaging lessons, especially for this intro material which is not super interesting. I have had some fun lessons so far, but some are really just kind of meh. And I will be being observed multiple times, and evaluated on my lessons - I am an untenured probationary teacher for the first 3 years in this school system and thus have a certain number of evaluations and I just really have to make sure to keep working on improving. To help with that, I have a teacher mentor, who is a veteran teacher, assigned to me and the other new teachers in the district. She's been really helpful so far, and has sat in on one of my classes and given me feedback. I've already cried in her office once after a stressful day, and she was awesome. Also, my department head is pretty cool, and has given me some helpful resources.

So, that's the deal with work. As for other stuff?

Working out - I've only been going to the gym on weekends. Weeknights I either have too much stuff to do or am too lazy to go work out. And the mornings are just a non-option - it's hard enough getting up at 5:40 AM. But anyway... some working out is better than none.

Food - (note - I realized I never shared it here, but I am in recovery for an eating disorder - I work a 12 step program and such) I've been eating really reasonably. I could probably get in more veggies, but other than that, I've just been having reasonable sized portions and not having junk or binging.

Weight loss - I have been losing weight! I'm not sure how much, as I try not to obsessively weigh myself, but I'm down at least 20 pounds from where I was in mid June. The frustrating thing is that I had just bought clothes for work earlier this summer for work, and now the two pairs of pants that I had bought and one of the four skirts don't fit... as in, the pants, when belted, bunch up a ton, and when I put on the skirt, it promptly fell off, hahaha. So last Saturday I went to my parents' for a visit and to go to Kohls with my mom so I could use her Kohls credit card and get sweet deals. I wound up getting 2 pairs of pants and a skirt, and she didn't let me pay her back! My parents had decided to support me in my weight loss and pay for the clothes... how sweet. It's going to be annoying having to keep buying new clothes if this keeps up (which it should, as I have another another 50 pounds to lose or so - I only have that number because it's a weight I was at when I was pretty healthy - if my body wants to be a bit bigger than then that's ok too).

Friends - I have some new friends in my eating disorder program and they're really great people. I've already done some social things with them and they're a lot of fun. A few of them are teachers, too, which is cool. I also got to see some of my college friends a little while back at a movie night which is held weekly... My ex was there, and it wasn't awkward, yay! I don't know when I'll go back to that, though, because I wouldn't get home til 10PM and it's on a school night. I am training myself to be able to have less sleep. I really do want to be able to hang with these people more, so I'm working on it!

Boyfriend - I've seen him twice since moving here, and both times were really nice. I'm seeing him again next weekend, since I have a 3 day weekend. In general though, we won't get to spend a huge amount of time together, because our schedules really don't mesh that well - he works evenings and weekends, usually. Bah. I want him to get a job in his field (math) that has hours like my job has! And for him to get his own car! And to move out of his parents' place! But first step is the job so he can afford those other things. As of now, for us to hang out, I have to pick him up, which I don't mind. We did have a serious talk last week about our relationship and the fact that even though we live reasonably close together I'm so busy and thus we can't spend much time together, and he asked if I was ok with that. See, if I were single, I wouldn't be looking for a relationship, because I don't really have time for a relationship right now. BUT. Since I'm already in a relationship, I'm -making- time for the relationship, because I'm committed to my boyfriend. We decided that even though it might be frustrating we'll do our best to make it work because we do love each other a lot.

That's all I can think of in terms of general updates.

Today was a nice day. I went to the gym, talked to my parents, then went to see Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX. Totally worth the money. I hadn't seen it in many years and had actually forgotten most of it. And with the huge screen and great sound and video quality, it was niiiice. I remembered why I had such a crush on Harrison Ford as a kid (he was my first Hollywood crush, though that was as Han Solo first). Also, they played the preview for the first segment of The Hobbit and ohhhh I am so excited to see it. I'll have to find people to go with though and geek out over it - today I wanted to go alone, but for The Hobbit I think I can wrangle up a few people. Anyway. Then I went grocery shopping, came home, had dinner, and bummed around online. I haven't done -any- work yet but will probably get some grading in before bed. Tomorrow I have to lesson plan a bit :( And more grading, and go to the gym, and I'm not sure what else I'll do. I want to be able to pop on Skype to chat with people (I'm pickleweasel3 if you feel like adding me - just put in the note who you are if your username there is different than your username here) who I haven't talked to in far too long but I don't know if I can get all my school stuff done if I go on Skype, so I'll probably save it for the evening. I do miss talking to the people I used to talk to so regularly! And I'd love to talk to other people, too!

Thanks for reading, and take care!


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i hope you are doing good!!! I wonder if you'll ever come back
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YES! But I have a job now and soooo little motivation to come online. I'm bad at checking in on dA anyway. Thank you for checking in on me, I hope you've been well!
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Yeah, I generally pop on here when I have a photo that is one of my better ones. I just got confused with all their rules for fiction so I don't upload fanfic here anymore.
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