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Hey everyone! Head over to my channel on Twitch as I play our company's brand new tactics game 4 years in the making! It features all my art and animation so, if you want to see it in action, come on down!
Hello everyone!  I haven't been too active on here for a while(expect a dump soon, for those of you following me).  But it has been for good reason.  I have been the artist/animator for the NOW AVAILABLE mobile tactics game, Auro for android and soon-be-ios.  It's a game all about BUMPING monsters into the water! Who doesn't like to bump monsters into the water?!  Here is a brief rundown of what makes Auro special.

  • Story mode takes you through Auro's first Quest, with plot twists, memorable characters, and a final boss battle
  • Single-player competitive PLAY MODE lets you build up your Rank over time, like an online matchmaking ladder!
  • Procedurally generated maps meaning you'll never face the same challenge twice
  • Deep, interesting, and balanced system of gameplay - you can get better at Auro for years
  • Crazy emergent complexity! You'll constantly surprise yourself with what's possible
  • Nine unique spells that are the result of years of careful balance and testing
  • Quick, no-nonsense gameplay. We even have a Quick Play mode that moves the character instantly from tile to tile!
  • Detailed stat-tracking on our RECORDS screen
  • A whole cast of colorful and interesting monsters who will give you somethin' to think about!
  • The entire game is made up of vibrant, hand-made and fully animated pixel art
  • An original thematic soundrack
  • Designed from the ground up for use on touchscreens
  • Comes with a tutorial, a web manual, a how-to-play gameplay video, and more ways to help you learn
  • From Dinofarm Games, the creators of the hit dungeon-crawler 100 Rogues

    What does this mean?  in a nutshell, it means there is no grinding.  No labor, no collecting.  No no-brainer chores.  No BUSY work, and no random bejewelled style effects.  It's just pure tactical bumping action!  I have poured...four years of my life into this project because I truly believe it is one of those "necessity is the mother of invention" games.  Please give it a try.  you won't regret it.  Oh. Also, it's chock-full of hand-done 2d pixel art.  No flash paperdolls, no cheating.  It's all done the old fashioned way because...IM CRAZY! 

    Here's the link! Please play and enjoy Auro!…

    For more information, check out,,, and Like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
Dinofarm's title, "Auro," is waiting on the code, and my art asset load has been completed.  In the meantime, I need to take a job to make ends meet, so I'd be happy to develop art assets for YOUR indie game!

Here's my ad on, and of course, you can check out my gallery here.

I looke forward to working with you, whomever you are!
Hello everyone,
I don't use this function very often.  I'm not sure why.  It seems I've always got the pen to the tablet, never finding the time to look up from it and say hello.

I'm writing to inform all who follow me that, if you like tactics games that are quick, deep, and look great, you'll love Dinofarm's "Auro."

We have only 2 days left on our campaign, and we can use all the support we can get.  Most of the funding will be towards paying our coder to finish the software.  To us internally at Dinofarm, this is very much a labor of love and something I think you'll all enjoy very much!  Thank you for reading and thank you for following.

If you can't contribute but you like what you see, sharing is just as valuable!…

Also, here's the newest piece of concept art you might enjoy.…
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