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Finally fully awake again after last weekend's con.

So, this year's Connichi was the first time I ever visited a German convention. And let me tell you, wow.
From what I'd heard before, I sort of got the impression they are more about cosplay and general hanging around, than actually doing stuff at the con. And it sure was. In a way I was a bit bummed because I didn't get to see any cosplay competitions and such, but the atmosphere totally made up for it.
In my opinion German cons (well, I can only base myself on this exprecience, so bear that in mind) truly are way more gemütlich. I swear, there is no suitable English translation, because in my opinion cozy, or friendly, doesn't really quite cut it. Really, the atmosphere on a con is so important to me, and Connichi definitely had that oomph xD

Okay, anyway.

Started off getting up at about 7-ish to go to the airport to say goodbye to my dearest bro TsukiXNoXTenshi and another great friend because they left for Japan. To go study there for an entire year. Le sad D:
After hanging out at the airport and getting my coffee fix, I finally was able to start my 7 hour journey by train to Kassel. Which started out great with train delays, stressing and running. Thank god my German isn't all that awful so I was able to ask some people which train I could best take.
In the end I made it to Kassel around 8:15pm, where I met up with my conbuddies for the weekend: Komory-Bat, SyrupCookie and TheBatsP. I only first met them there and then, but all three of them turned out to be amazingly nice and awesome people :D

Seeing as the con would only open at about 2pm, we didn't get up insanely early. We got breakfast and decided to film some silly scenes for our own Gundam Style video. It was hilarious and brilliant, and I can't wait to see how it turned out xD
In the early afternoon we made our way to the con, but it wasn't open just yet so we feasted on glorious Bratwürst instead ;P And went inside a little while after. We walked around the dealerroom for a bit, but I had to sit down quite fast. I was diagnosed with a hernia about .. a month ago, and even though things are going much better now, it still troubles me. I can't stand up for very long .. so yeah.
Anyway .. we got Bubble Tea and went into the park afterwards. The park. Where we pretty much spent the entire con. I absolutely didn't mind because the weather was so great and it was so nice sitting there, watching other cosplayers.

I was cosplaying as Fionna from Adventure Time, and quite a few people recognised me and asked for pictures. Which of course was super awesome :meow: The fleece hat was killing me though, so warm!
Best part of the day must've been when we were walking around and someone on the other side of the street yelled "WHAT TIME IS IT!?" perfect people 8D

We also bumped into NanjoKoji and Ravenic. They're such nice people. They may be famous cosplayers, but they're not stuck up or anything. Kudos to them! ^^

We went to the convention pretty early but my god it was already super crowded. And it didn't get any better. The park really was filled to the brim with cosplayers. Which of course was pretty nice to watch all those different costumes. The weather was also super nice, actually a bit too warm for my cosplay. Damn weather report, if only you'd been more accurate. Anyway, I went as Amane Otori from Strawberry Panic.
And of course there were so many Adventure Time cosplayers walking around that I seriously regretted not going as Fionna on saturday.

Anyway, we didn't do all that much. Mainly walking around the park for a bit, taking pictures of other people. I didn't take an awful load of pictures, but there are some on my facebook…
SyrupCookie's Serah (and her bow-blade) were definitely that day's eyecatcher. I swear, that bow ermagerd, such awesomeness.

Afterwards we met up again with NanjoKoji and Ravenic and chatted for a little while.
Aaaaand walked around the park some more.

In the evening my back was troubling me quite a bit, so I sat and watched the other film some more for the Gangnam video. Which was pretty fun as well, let me tell you that xD Especially the random moments where other cosplayers popped in to join.

Troublesome end to a great con when TheBatsP realised some of her photo equipment had been stolen. That really was a huge bummer :/

Anyway, we ended up at McDonalds. Like, two dozen cosplayers bothering the lady at the register for food while it was near closing time xD Ah healthy con food.
Went to bed pretty late, and had to get up pretty early for a 6-hour trainride back home the next day.

So all in all, great convention!
I really had such a good time, and if I can, I'll definitely go again next year :D
The super long train journey was definitely worth it.
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