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Please don't ask me questions until you have read through my website. I will not answer questions that are answered on my website. Thank you.…
HEY GUYS! Sorry I have not been so active I actually use Instagram on a DAILY so I pretty much never get on here anymore. 
I wanted to set these links up in this journal for anyone who wants to contact me for a commission or has any questions for me!
So because I will not be on here you can find me via these places!!


Hi guy! :D lol how are you guys doing? I just wanna thank everyone who watches me for WATCHING ME! :D what are you guys doing for V-Day? I am thinking of spending it with a friend at starbucks xD I have been super busy with school and drawing things for other people because i love their characters XD LOL my commissions are still open and I have 4 slots :D cuz I have to limit myself xD my price sheet is in my gallery if you are interested :D I FINALLY figured out how to mail things! :D WOO!

I am just so ready for October man lol…

is coming up and I am going to be in artist ally with a friend! :D I helped her with some outlines of pokemon so you get to see some of my work there if you are attending! :D It would be so cool if some of my watchers lived in the area and attended xD
so freaking excited!! :D I may also be selling some of my earrings there as well so pay me a visit! if you are watching me I'll give you a discount :3 they will not be that much anyway xD lol anyway I'm super excited for May cuz its the best month for me. Nothing ever goes wrong in May for me xD lol WELLP. BAI! be sure to ask me if something is available for purchase in my gallery because I do sell prints they are just not listed on my DA page but they should be in the desc. whether you can buy it or not :D baiiiii
I am so sorry! D: I did not have time to do that other request i had and forgot about them DX  
 But anyway, right now I am not too busy and can squeeze in some free time to do a small amount of easy drawing request. I will draw anything for free. (not portraits though)

Click here to commission me…
I FINALLY SET UP COMMISSIONS!                                                     


Fill out this form to submit one:…

Also don't forget to check out my Etsy for come cute earrings or gifts for the holidays!


I am only taking: 



Types of drawings I will do:
-anime type
-self portraits +$10.00
-traditional art
-fan arts
-still life +$10.00
-digital media +$5.00
-chibi's (cost less)

Sample drawings:…

Processing may take from 2-4 weeks depending on how busy I am at the time. It will begin as soon as you fill the form out and I receive it. If you have any questions please note me on my DA account. 

happy thanksgiving or if your in the future merry Christmas. I have been super busy lately what with the applying for early college to study game design. and all the homework I have been getting. I have been procrastinating a lot and need to get some work done. Anyway that is basically whats going on in my life. I am about to go to a new school, I'm probably failing Science class, and I have not really been able to draw for myself. :I ok bai have a nice holiday(s). :D

school is great, great grades and mess. i did this cool Halloween drawing i will post soon. you guys are awesome and i am sure your characters are too so YEA. and HEY... how many times do i gotta say i SUCK at drawing guys? xD i will do my best but i prefer to draw girl characters xD :D how are you guys? thanks for everything thanks for watching me you guys are awesome. if i get good enough i will do some drawing tutorial's on :iconyoutube-plz: :D 
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HEY GAIIIIIIIIIS :iconawesomefaceplz: omg you guys i did TWO things i thought i would never do in my life:

:icontwitterplz:GOT A TWITTER----> (go on... follow me...)
went inside of VICTORIA'S SECRET

O__________O so yea i guess i did some OHHOHOHO things this week. got my school junks and i am SO NOT looking forward to highschool. -________- so yea just an update. i am not working on any new things but hey i am taking request all the time but if you want me to draw a guy know that it may take forever and it may turn out like SHEET. so yea :dummy: :D

i got some new watchers THANK YA'LL AND WELCOME. well yea thats whats new peace out muchachos
:iconetsyplz:… please buy something :D
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so right now my favorite anime is Samurai Champloo. EVERYONE GO TO NETFLIX OR WHEREVER AND WATCH THE ANIME NAO. NAO. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. OnO i am fine i guess. been doing nothing :I and LOVIN IT. i have not drawn anything since the last drawing i updated (which i did not even draw xD) i have been playing WoW most of the time and got my troll druid to 82. *sigh* and played a bit of saints row and silent hill. welp thats about it. IM TAKING REQUEST PLEASE GIVE ME SOME (anime preferably)
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