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AThIT : TTN Pt.6

(And now for the conclusion of this fic..... Enjoy......)

-in Clare [grn-up]'s subconscious mind-

Clare (16 years) :

Roadie: I'm in the living room sweetie

(A few Seconds later)

Clare (16 yrs) : mom, did you have any affiliation with Metallica few years before I was born?

Roadie: ..... I was Cliff Burton's bass tech from the Trauma days .... Which was the other band he was in before Metallica & then after he left Trauma, things set sail for Metallica from there

Clare (16 yrs) : i was also had this thought if Cliff was my dad.......

Roadie: (inner thought: fuuuuuuuuck) Clare....we are done with this conversation

Clare (16 yrs) : Is he??????..... If i am his kid, pretty sure that I might be the most popular kid on the block & in high school with a bass player for a dad & his bass tech for a mom.... Let alone they used to be in Metall...

Roadie: CLARE MADISON BURTON!!!!!, i don't know where you get these facts...or what, but this needs to stop now!

Clare (16 yrs) : yes mom

Roadie: I'm sorry for yelling at you Hun, but like I told you plenty times before .... I'll tell you when the time is right ... You understand what I'm saying?

Clare (16 yrs) : yes

Roadie: good, oh & btw Nikki's mom called .... Nikki & Korey wants to take you to a warehouse called HQ, plus there's a party as well

Clare (16 yrs) : (inner thoughts: heheheh, mom doesn't know the party is Met Club related) I'd better get some sleep, so I can go to the party then

Roadie: sweet dreams

Clare (16 yrs) : you too...........

(Meanwhile back in reality - Hospital)

Korey: Com'on Copperhead, at least move a finger or your toes

Nikki: shut up Kor, this is no fucking time for jokes....our friends life is on the line here

Trip: she's right you know

Nikki: and as for you.......well ...... Thank you for letting Clare protect you through the end (inner thoughts: damn Clare, you're right.... He is cute)

Young James: hey, how is she???

Nikki: she's still unconscious as we speak at the moment.....James, if Clare haven't gotten you guys there where she got stabbed to death by the Rider, she could've been dead right now.....(sigh)

Korey: cheer up Nikki, I'm sure Clare will pull thru

Clare [grn-up]: (moves head) Mmmm, shut ....up Kor....

Nikki: CLARE!!!! *Hugs Clare [grn-up]*...... Kor & I thought you died

Clare [grn-up]: Nik, I'm still here don't worry.....

Korey: copperhead, you have nooooooo idea that the band & your folks came here from the gig just to see if you're alright

Clare [grn-up]: is Trip here too?????

Trip: yep, I'm sorry I underestimated you & thanks for saving my ass even when I think I don't need it but still do no matter what

Clare [grn-up]: no problem Trip

Trip: *gives Clare [grn-up] his bandana* here.... Take this .................... Well I'm going back to meet your mom in the waiting room

Nikki: hey Trip *gives Trip her phone number* call me ^_-

Trip: *slight laugh* I will

Young James: guys, can we have just a few minutes before visiting hours are up?

Nikki: ok.....let's give Clare some air coming with too Trip?

Trip: yea....right behind you Nikki

Young James: how's the wound?

Clare [grn-up]: it still hurts, but I can manage while the fucker heals up

Young James: that's reasonable ..... I bet it beats my broken arm

Clare [grn-up]: oh hush babe

*both laughing*

Young James: I have to go & do the new years gig

Clare [grn-up]: awesome, did you heard anything from the doc yet?

Young James: possibly in 2 days....but you might get out early thou since your tour is still going

Clare [grn-up]: thank you *kisses Young James*      

Young James: no problem, I'll see you later

Clare [grn-up]: later


(Meanwhile outside the hospital)

???? : Clare, we will meet one day & we will put a stop to Sarina & Van.....but for now I will wait for the day to come


(To be continued in AThIT II.....)
And that is that for AThIT: TTN, now we can get back to the main fic (sorry everyone, I've been busy lately with the holidays, my ventures on ... Not streaming, but as a viewer at least, but I still have art on my mind (don't worry everyone, I haven't abandoned all of you)... Anyway with this one done, now I need to focus on finish the main fic till the end of 2019 (or possibly 2020... Which will be my main goal & maybe make a 3rd fic by then... If not, where did my life go lol) anyways I hoped you all enjoyed this & thank you :la:

- picklegal1 :heart: 

And btw for those who haven't seen TTN yet.....

(this fic is not an official Metallica licensed thing, TTN is (c) of Metallica & Nimròd Antal... please support the official release of the movie)


Clare (16 yrs)

Amber Krystal Roadstein -aka- Roadie

Korey Rommel 

:iconicecat19: as Nikki (Nicolette) Rinaldi

Clare [grn-up]

Young James 


(And yes there is a new character that is featured at the end but I'm not going to reveal just yet ;p )

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