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god the logo is so fucking ugly 
Happy new years guys! Its been a while I hope to post more stuff here in the future!
OMG the lighting thief is great book!
hopefully i can get her back
So yeah I am still waiting on TNT to get my account back and I am following my draik that was stolen and I find out she has changed owners! They are treating her like a whore, trading her around to get what they want god it's sickening! I neomailed the new owner I am basically begging here even willing to trade my mara moehog to get her back but i'll doubt i'll get her back that way. TTATT
So yeah im gonna start drawing the 30 day monster girl challenge expect nudity warnings haha. Also I am going to start work on the 30 day homestuck challenge expect fangirling.
Hey every one I have a tumbler here is the link <3…
Omg Dave strider why you hogging my faves
H3H3 I love homestuck!  I going to do a butt ton of fan art!
Oh god im almost at 3k page veiws
Wow we need rain so much right now.

TNT is looking into my issue so hopefully I will get my account back.
OMG i was flaming hacked on neopets and they stole my faerie draik! thank god neopets froze my account like I asked them too so that jerk that stole my draik can't mess around anymore
cool over 2k page views ^_^
Wow the person I just did neopet art for had their account frozen :( So no art for them lol maybe i'll use the image in a AG and see I can get it in
If You can't tell by looking at all my faves I am kinda into princess tutu right now lol.