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Character Traits Meme

Edit: Hey everyone. There's been a lot of disagreement in how I chose to categorize these traits. By no means are all traits strictly negative or positive, good or bad, nor are all traits strictly opposite to each other despite the fact I've written them as such. 

As of 09/28/2015, I have retitled the columns as simply "trait" and "opposite trait." That being said, I apologize for any offense or dissatisfaction I've caused. This was all very subjective, and high-school-aged-me put forth my best effort to put together a meme like this. It's been a few years since its creation, and even I disagree with how I worded and formatted the traits in the past. 

Please feel free to manipulate this as you see fit, or even create and share an improved version of your own


You may:
Print this out.
Repeat this as many times as you wish.
Add on your own characteristics.
Modify the characteristics to your preferences.

Take away or add on more character slots.
Share this on another website.

But whatever you do, please link back to this original deviation so that others who are interested may also use it! Here's another character balance sheet meme to further your development goals by Fyuvix

Don't be afraid to ask me any questions :) Unfortunately I am rather inactive now so I apologize for any late replies.
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Whew, another meme with ten years of life. Most of the ones I'm finding right now are quite old, like this one. Guess we can say these are part of deviantART's OC creation side? Anyway, thanks Pichu4850 for the meme!

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This is so organized! Question, how can I use this for my characters without printing this out? Sorry this is late.
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Charts like these are a great jumping off point when you have a character in mind, but they aren't much more than that. Great to have and reference! :D
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Here's an idea: add your nick or the DA link at the bottom of your (awesome) chart. As I have it on my desktop now and I'm pretty sure a year from now I have no idea where it came from. :)
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its been over a year. the meme is by pichu4850. this is where its from.
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I requested access!

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Thank you, this is so helpful!! :)
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Character Traits Meme Part1 by MXpaint08   Character Traits Meme Part by MXpaint08   

Thank you, This was really fun to fill in for my OC's.
THIS IS AMAZING! This is super helpful in making sure my characters aren't all alike. Thank you for making it!

I saw in the comments that other people wanted an Excel version, and pichu4850 was okay with someone uploading one, so here's the one I typed up! (The image is deceiving, I just didn't take time to make a different screenshot) Hopefully this helps people, and hopefully you're okay with this, pichu4850! (If not, let me know and I'll take it down.)

Character Traits Meme by JosiAtara
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i but add on fortnite so character not creating so easy i like this xbox one games a overwatch and fortnite and need for speed
{F2U} Genji with Cat Ears Icon  
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thanks i'll add it to my character creating arsenal/tool belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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used it here:  Traits Meme by Aceor
Thank you~
This really helped me. Thanks!
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You definitely made a very thorough list there! This could Really help on doing characters with their attributes and quirks!
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Thank you. I hope it helps!
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This looks very useful! Thank you!
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please, you have it sheet in excel file? sorry foir my english, is bad, very bad, I am brazilian.
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Hello! I am so sorry for my very late reply.

I am sorry I do not have an excel sheet file of this. If you would like, you may start one and if you want to share it, you can send me a link and I would gladly put it in the description.

Your english is fine :) 
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