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CUddlES- AMbER+tAtER tOt

By pichu4850
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1) Please remind me never to do this pose with arms again X_XD
2) ..and screw the anatomy anyway XD
3) must learn how to draw...corgies..
4) remind me never again to draw hearts in this kind of background..they came out deformed..

A trade with the awesome and I knew i was gonna be busy but I couldnt stop drawing cuz i did it all in this sketchbook ive had for bout a year XDDD.. and the eyes looked really blue when i scanned, so I went over it with purple.

about 2-3 Hours on paper(crayola+prisma pencils, sharpie) and minor edits on photoshop
Amber and Tater Tot (c)
Please say a comment worth readin you all :b if you have time to look, you have time to make your comment decent
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The moment I saw this I knew everything was going to be alright. That nothing would ever go wrong. That the world was perfect just for a moment.... its too cute! Is that a criticism? I don't know but its too adooorable!
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haha thank you :) I'm glad you think so!
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its very cute. i dont get to see many crayola colored pictures and i happen to like this one.
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aw I'm glad. :) thank you.
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This is so sweet! Great drawing! I don't think you did bad at all with the arms, the affection behind those eyes is just adorable! fantastic work, I hope to see more! ^^
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so kawaii!!!! x3 This totally made my day :aww:
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very very cute =)
nicely drawn too
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OMfG this so cute -^w^-
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Cute one, indeed!
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Thats cute. Nice pose and colors and that tail is good work.
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Ahhh, I want one like this! I like the way you shaded it. It looks like real fur :omfg:
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I love it!! <3
great job ^^
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Very nice.
My only suggestion is her neck seems a tad thin, especially for a head of that size. Other than that, it's a good piece.
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thank you and yeah i usually tend to draw really huge eyes and heads which I REALLY want to step out of X_X;; it might be gettng a little better though, since its almost been a year since ive drawn this pic xD
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aww shes so cute *faves* can you do a request for me?
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do you want my eyes to burn?! lol
simply adorable..even cuter than my baby pictures.not fair
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lmfao. it is noot :P Thank you!
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yar it is..WAY better
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First thing that came to my head way AWWWWWWWWWW :love:
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This is very cute. :)
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It looks great, I love it a lot. How long did it take you to make it? I would like to know.
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