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Deinocheirus mirificus

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Deinocheirus mirificus "terrible hand"

The size was about 11 meters long and 3 meters tall and weighed 6.38 tons.

Location Negment Gobi desert discovery Altan Ulan area.

varied diet is omnivorous fish.

Actually, nobody yet knows what Deinocheirus was really like, but probably was enormous. Paleontologists Phil Senter and Robins HJ beast estimated to be between 3.3 and 3.6 meters high at the hip, which is the highest ever theropod, even higher than contemporaries like Tarbosaurus and T-Rex. It is suggested that Deinocheirus was a predator with its fearsome weapons to kill large game, including sauropods. Some people suggest that the prodigious weapons were used to climb trees where would eat fruit, leaves and eggs. This latter theory usually reprimanded, however, and no evidence studies. Recent reports show that this dinosaur was a close relative of ornithomimus and most scientists agree that it was probably a large herbivore that feeds mainly on plants and maybe the bodies.

I did this drawing in mind Choique (rheas) when they fight for the females that are put upright to show the size and also inspire me a little in his plumage.

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Wow, this is really great work! 
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Muchas gracias! realmente se necesita tiempo y trabajo.