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Hello to my old self who I found wandering and wandering..like waiting for me after so long...and hello to this beautiful people who watched me along these years, who stopped like myself , who just look from time to time or who never stopped creating beautiful art.

I know this big hello won't make up for more than 3 years with no activity. It was really hard for me what happened in between and I missed this place like hell. I do it everyday. But life sometimes has other plans for you and you just go with the flow trying to maintain a balance.. 

Buuuut.. in less than 3 months I will be back with big plans and most important with photos..the way I see the world, the way I feel it. The art of my soul, probably my very existence will be here again awaking something else for others, hopefully.
I wanted to write this when the moment would come, with actually proof that I am not leaving anywhere again, but I just wanted to shout out that I did not forget this amazing place full of artists that filled my soul with inspiration in times of need. And they still do. And I will be back doing the same thing without stopping or second guessing this time.

See you soon!

All the best and all the love be with you!


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Two years had passed since i wrote something here.This two years were long and short, both happy and sad and I realised how much my life has changed and how my plans turned to dust only to make room for others i never thought it could happen to me.
Don t get me wrong. I am very excited by spontaneous things and it s true what they said that: "life is happening when you are busy making other plans".I have a clear perspective now of what i want  to do with my life.
The only thing that hasn t change is this constant feeling of missing this site,the way i spent all my time taking picture, showing a world different from others that only i could see. Nostalgia is a bitch definitely. But i know someway or another i will be back strong enough and ready enough to start again: fresh and with a lot of memories waiting to be pictured.
Till then take care of your soul. At the end of the day that is all that matters.

Laura Avram
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I haven t really thought that i ll be sitting in front of the pc and writing after exactly one year but life is full of surprises as usually.
I ll begin my journal by saying that i am awfully missing taking photos and especially the vision i had when the camera was in front of my eyes. This 18 years are not so fabulous as i thought and it sure had taken me away from almost everything. So this year is\was to me a big change of my life and i m pretty sure that as soon as this year will be finished it won t stop the change. I am doing things that have never crossed my mind till this year like applying for medicine which is a huuge step to the way i wake up in the mornings. i don t know,every little thing is different now and it s strange that i wouldn t change a thing. I realised that the path i had been walking for a long time now lead me exactly where i supposed to be.
I guess this missing is a evidence that i have grown up even if i didn t want to and i feel both happy and sad,obviously i couldn t explain this complicated mood. so i ll stick to Christmas and hoooolidaaay and everything niiiceee.
Have yourself a wonderful Christmas :snow: ! with lots of love and peace in your heart because if you have peace in your mind and soul you can make everything possible.
And of course a neew yeeear with everything but regrets ! you can have one,two,three bad days and you forgot them but regrets stay with you forever.

Laura Avram.
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2 min read
Well hello everybody!! it has been a long time since i wrote a journal on deviantart..but here i am on the third day of Christmas (by the way Merry Christmas !!! :santa: :snowflake: :snowflake: ) writing about something i haven t really figured out yet.
Everything is different now,of course time changes everything eventually ..but i woke up with this enormous feeling of missing. I took a break of everything including photography and daaamn ..you have no idea how much i miss it. i just hope that one day i will have the camera i have dreamt since...forever. till then i will try to capture everything i can with what i have. but enough with that.
I could talk all day long about missing and photography but i won t. deviantart isn t the same anymore,or maybe my vision that i had changed meanwhile. what i do know is that i never could let go of what i have right now in front of my eyes because is the only way i have (for now)  to express myself,my feelings about almost everything.
I have a few days left till this year is over and i don t know if i am happy about that. because unlike the others years i have no hope,no wishes for the next. i don t know why but there s no strenght left. so 2012 suprise me ! i m sure you will anyway.
Well that s it. i wish you love .a lot.and no lies.no hidings. just be yourself. and live your life jut the way you want to !
Kisses and hugs


* if anyone have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig heart to give me a subscription well i  would be very grateful and if not well life goes on,isn t it?
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Thank you SsscorpiaaA for buying me a sub :huggle:!
aaaaaand Merry Christmas ! :santa:

We have to stay alive, because we have to see how the story ends."

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