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Crystiluminiron: Oh. Ok. :meow:

Glitz: Well, we should get going. Here's another taste of Illumintopian technology though. ;) *pulls out her human transformation ring that she'd taken off for the other Slugonitor and puts it back on being surrounded by billions of soft glowing bits of light swirling about her and when they fade, she's in her 5'7" human form* 'Sup? ;p

Inktober Day 24: Fairy

Crystiluminiron: She's not out much and has troubles around others but if you manage to see her, tell her I said hi, please. OwO Before we go.... *looks at Hazun and Nawlak* ....do you 2 have kids?

Inktober Day 24: Fairy

Crystiluminiron: Umm, 'scuse me? Please be careful with that move. You never know what smaller creatures are around. Also there was an issue with that move from a Daragqua or I guess they're also called "Gastoma of the seas". Very nice big friend of the water though. I helped eat bad stuff. owo

Me: As I mentioned when explaining about her, she's the "peace bringer" Pokémon. Their species does NOT like violence even though they understand why it can be a necessary "evil". She even helped a Gastoma that flew into a rage with her not knowing what she was. Blanara I believe is what she called herself. She looks a bit different and was bullied A LOT. Had a blind male friend that we helped and he made his "confession" to her pretty much as soon as he was able to see her for the first time. Anyway, she had been using these dangerous crystals that I guess could give certain others cancer to keep others out along with a bone pile but apparently someone had already cleaned that up and my Crystiluminiron here was eating up the crystalizations to make the area safe. Blanara chased her out and started yelling at everyone about it and my baby here had JUST hatched and was scared. I went all "Mama Bear" or whatever the term is here and even though I'm MUCH smaller than a Gastoma, I chewed her out for it. She didn't really expect that or know what to say for a bit then she kinda gave an indifferent half apology before going on about how she still doesn't believe this or that until she saw Arceus here then started accusing us of bringing him to make her feel worse when we didn't even do anything and charged back in her cave. Xalanak went in to try to explain things, that's Glitz's mutual choice btw, and Crystiluminiron here asked me if she'd done bad. I explained she didn't do ANYTHING to deserve that and she just had her own issues but still no excuse for her behavior. After a bit more talking, she was going into the cave and naturally, I was a bit freaked considering what happened and when I asked she said, "She hurt.... I go help." The Gengar I'm currently on the back of had to hold me back from grabbing her because she was already in the cave and those danger crystalizations were EVERYWHERE. Apparently my baby here explained things and just asked her to please be nice. Whatever all she said apparently got through to her and she got a MUCH better apology along with the rest of us. Don't know what all they're doing NOW but hopefully things are good.

Crystiluminiron: :meow:

Inktober Day 24: Fairy

Glitz: Oh I'm aware of what a cousin and family resemblance is. Just that making yourself think of the other when referring to another might not be good mentally is all. Anyway, no no, that wasn't a result of Dynamax or anything. As you can see, I have a few OBVIOUS differences from the Gastoma around here. It's an Illumintopia blood right of royalty called "power of the ancients. *Explains the lore and about her family*

Inktober Day 24: Fairy

Glitz: Probably not a good idea to compare looks like that though. ^^;Anyway, if it helps, he got dealt more damage today after what 'I' did. *Explains about the fight and why there was even one in the first place and how she sent the dozen after her flying.*

Inktober Day 24: Fairy