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Harness your desire
Like a windmill turning wheels
To the flow of life
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 5 1
on my doorstep stands
a wind full of promises
betrayed by mountains
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 0 0
I have got the key
to change myself and the world
alas, the wrong lock
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 9 6
So long Kitty-Cat
So long, Kitty-cat; the rain has overrun
Your little habitat.
Your bed in the dark alley, can no longer
Feel the Sun,
But can see the sally,
Of an army of raindrops, marching towards the ground.
I see you peek around, with your whiskered face,
towards the playing ground.
In a mirror you look, tucking your drenched hair with grace,
like an adventurous book,
Steps taken from a deer, with feet trapped in heeled boots,
You glide down the alley without fear.
You vanish at the turn; a magician's trick,
That I would never learn.
As for me, my Universe ends,
At the little piece of road I can see;
Whereas you had taken a sharp bend,
I remain hidden, as hidden as can be.
But beyond it is paper white,
With little drops of great delight;
At times though, they leave a despairing wake,
All the way to the mountain lake,
Whose surface now burns with misty fumes,
No mountain in that mirror looms;
Nor can it, till it stops to rain,
To relieve me from this quiet pain.
And much beyond is but lost to sight
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 3 1
The Hunter's Thought
Time passes and the day shivers;
Not a sound in vicinity.
Pine needle in nude sleep quivers,
White cloak upturned, serenity.
The Hunter's feet are growing late,
His brow entrenched with frozen snow;
Yet, in ambush, he has to wait,
Till gleeful spring makes flowers grow.
He listens to the silence of
cold's espoused vale, in wilful wish:
Why not his talking, babbling world,
Perhaps be quite as quiet as this?
If only winter's stretching arm,
Could muffle tongues, and rumours sink,
And then would I, without alarm,
Finally, get to hear me think.
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 3 6
Arachnophilic associations
I didn't know what to do,
I didn't know what to do;
So, I took a tarantula,
And put it in a Zoo.
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 2 3
I thought I was omnipotent,
And nothing withstood the force of thought;
And all the world's a silken canvas,
And all the colours my dream had brought.
I, like Dali, twirling my large moustache,
Could paint the Earth in dazzling hues,
And play, till the master's echo
Brought me back from my fantastic views.
Sitting in class, his scolding bounced
Off my head, into an uneven trance;
And I smashed his million strong army
With five steps of an apocalyptic dance.
Free as a bird, jet stream billowing,
I could fly to any distant land;
Imaginary wings were sufficient in class,
In comparison now, where do I stand?
That little class was twenty feet wide,
I could take off without a word;
Grown up, caught up, I now realize,
This world is a cage for that little bird.
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 3 0
The fires were burning the forest down,
on the beautiful blue lagoon.
The pitchforked people in the town,
looked at his decapitated crown,
and sighed in the cold morning air
"Down with King Lear, down with his loon!"
That was the scene beside the blue lagoon---
IT was the Demagogue! The Pilferer of Minds!
He kisses you on the cheek, then stabs you from behind.
It was the Demagogue! The demagogue of tomorrow!
He promised prosperity, gave eternal sorrow.
Based on birth, they began to kill,
on the shining red lagoon---
I am part of his creed, part of his will
The Demagogue's voice is happy and shrill,
I wonder how a religion,
could make me murder so soon---
I was crying beside the blue lagoon---
IT was the Demagogue! The Pilferer of Minds!
He kisses you on the cheek, then stabs you from behind.
It was the Demagogue! Demagogue of sorrow!
He promised prosperity, gave me no tomorrow.
And all the while the fires raged,
between the beautiful blue lagoon
I carefully my chances w
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 3 5
The Girl from Yellow Mountain
Lost we are, on this endless path,
with light fading, and fading fast;
I see a girl with the lantern light,
Over an endless sea of glittering glass.
Wind blows the clouds vast
away, like an explosions aftermath.
Then, I see, with eyes of glee
The sad limitations of certainty.
Ah! The path beneath is breathing fire,
As if a mantle plume was a quagmire!
I look at her, and this I ask,
Whether this trial is my forgotten task.
The white moon climbs up a hill
And makes her shiver with a chill;
That breaks my resolve, and throws me off,
into an unending dream, That I cannot stop.
I look to her, and I plead to that ingenue
to let my plaintive delusions continue,
While drop by drop the clouds build up,
And cut off my wretched faltering view.
Ah! The path beneath is breathing fire
As if a mantle plume was a quagmire!
I look at her and this I ask,
Should on her now, I put a deathly mask?
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 5 0
O Starry Skies!
O Starry skies across the night,
I'll ask you a question tonight:
Of all that's splendorous and bright, 
What truly reaches insanity?
Is it the albatross, with gaily wings?
Is it thunderclouds, with the rain it brings?
Is it the cricket, with the song it sings?
Oh I shall never know, I shall never know.
My life's horizon is clouded and dim;
My life's laughter is mournfully grim;
And every breath and sound, a deadly hymn;
For what was alive, is singing its lament.
Ennui, Ennui, all around,
Sucks the water off the ground,
Diminishes the great sound,
a whirlwind stripped of creativity.
The straight ditches that we have cut,
are sharp, painful, glorious but;
are still walls for a timid brook,
which fills itself up, and drowns a book.
That's why I come to you tonight,
longingly, with a dreadful light!
May your darkness fill me uptight
with one dazzling speck of madness!
For what is left to who is dead?
Maybe worms, and block of lead,
Drowning in rigid black ponds instead
of black ink-k
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 5 5
Words to the Imperial Guards on being surrounded
Do you hear the thunder that echoes,
like the incendiary drums 
of a hundred thousand foes?
Do you fear, the thunder that follows,
as it unearths the culverts and
creates the silent hollows?
Do you sneer, the thunder that descends,
on this unscripted fate of mine,
which in death would make amends?
Look how the lightning dragons pierce
the stunned sky, like the betrayal
that in my morbid heart sears
         through my mortal fragility.
Look now, how the king shall ascend above!
Like Achilles' own armament,
dipped in River Styx's love,
         which in immortality still live on.
Know, my brothers! In you I live!
In you is my life fulfilled right!
So fear not thunder! Fear not fire!
With you I live, and die tonight!
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 4 7
As my vision recedes
As vision recedes from these spotted eyes,
Beautiful existence, I look at you;
As tint of blue escapes clouded skies,
My world is limited to your dazzling view.
As the scythe of time descends on me,
And blurs the line of right and wrong anew,
Your face on this side of heaven I see, 
That souls of the damned in salvation view.
In time the stars will fade away from me,
And loathe I will then, this world, that I hate;
The stars then I'll search, in the eyes of thee.
Maybe I'll find in thee the heaven's gate.
          I am now scared of this darkening night,
          That I may lose you, and so lose my sight.
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 5 8
The Jumping Spot
Time, now, mourns the passing of the Sun,
as it tumbles, frightless, into the Sea.
The bird sits on wet rock, listening
to the cries of the frightened world.
Two days back, a couple jumped from there,
into the dark hungry ocean.
Listless cries of the beggar girls hardly
affects them sitting on the pretty rocks.
They have their dreams unbroken still,
Maybe it will remain so for a while.
Or they too, like my coward self, will
make pilgrimage to this jumping spot.
I'll just let the Sun go down today;
Maybe tomorrow, maybe hereafter.
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 2 4
Snowfall in Sonamarg by picaroinfinity Snowfall in Sonamarg :iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 4 4
In pause of waiting
I have never felt so alive,
as in the pause of a bamboo flute;
The wait is what gives me life,
The hopeful future that is absolute.
Your lips that quiver with
unnerving grace and smile;
With flutter of wing like feet,
you'd come to me in a while.
Your pious hands, loving gray,
caress me in a coquettish way;
In whispers and silent eyes,
I think, with a Joker's guise.
Will you steal me away?
With your gentle eyes, sad and gray?
And then, you'll make me sway,
and love me till my next dismay.
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 3 6
The Ma'at
It is known to all who live under the splendour of the one true Sun, that every year the summers will return, and that every year the Nile will flood. That is called Ma’at, or the order of things – the one true order under the one true Sun. One can try the hardest, but one cannot change the Ma’at: even the Gods know that.
“The Sun will every day rise with you”, said Nephthys to her sister Isis one day. “And he always comes to me to take him to Du’at. And what if he gets bored? Isn’t it boring to do the same thing every day?”
“Ra knows all that goes in the valley of the pious Nile, sweet sister”, said Isis. “I don’t think he is bored, not with all that goes on amongst humans.”
“Yet, hasn't he seen it all? Isn’t time just a cycle, like his, that must everyday be begun anew?”
“It might be so. Or else it is but a mirage, and time is just something we have made up to follow up all the
:iconpicaroinfinity:picaroinfinity 5 0

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"He's a real nowhere man
Sitting in his nowhere land
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

Doesn't have a point of view
Knows not where he's going to
Isn't he a bit like you and me?"

I only write my poetry here. Not, many of my stories. Unless they be for the purpose of participation in competitions.

I'm writing a new novel, please check it out!…


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