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ID image credit: intergalacticstock.deviantart.…

I just like to play with Photoshop in my free time, and sometimes I don't have something to use the artwork for, so I've decided to just upload here for whoever who's out there to use for their own artwork. It's just too fun... :)

Visit (and join) my resources group, MyPSshack:
Every once in a while, I upload a PSD coloring. And you have a limited time to download it. If the number of downloads doesn’t meet the determined goal, the PSD will be gone from the gallery forever. That’s right. So if you don’t want the PSD to vanish, you will have to make sure it’s downloaded enough times within the given timeframe. The point of this is to make things more interesting and challenging around here.

Last time was a huge success. So this time I’m raising the bar. The timeframe will once again be one week. But this time, the magic number of downloads will be… 754. If by the end of the week the PSD reaches 754 downloads, it stays in the gallery till the world ends.


PREVIEW ONLY! by Picanta
- The PSD will be uploaded in the next few hours -

Next time the terms will be different. Maybe the timeframe will be smaller; maybe the number of needed downloads will be bigger. And maybe there will be a twist or a surprise.

See ya in a few hours!

~ Picanta

Been having some uploading problems. But the PSD will be uploaded soon, promise!

Attention, Dear Followers and Non-Followers!  #1  

Picanta wants you to know that she takes note of which kind of resources you like or like less. And she uses that data when she creates new things for you. That being said, Picanta...

...Okay, enough with the third person talk.

That being said, I'm inviting you, followers and non-followers, to voice your opinion in creating the next All-Stars pack (1st PSD All-Stars pack here:…). The next All-Stars pack will be mixed. Meaning, not just PSD colorings.

In order to voice your opinion, just comment on the resource, telling me you'd like that one to be included in the pack. I will take note, as usual, and take your opinion into consideration. That and the number of faves and downloads will determine which resources will find themselves in the next Picanta All-Stars pack. You can do that to as many resources as you want/need, and to any resources you want, except for the premium ones.

And! In this All-Stars pack, and also in the next packs, there will be one mystery resource that will not appear in the preview image. That mysterious resource will be a new resource, a one that has never been uploaded, and was created for this pack only, which means you will not find it elsewhere. It could be anything. I still don't know what it will be. It's a quite a mystery.

Thanks for reading, and…........................ go! omfg 

** Picanta's All-Stars - one click to download only the best Picanta resources **

PSD colorations can be a pain in the ass if you don't use them right. Not all images will fit all colorations. And sometimes you don't get the desired results. So how, the hell, are you supposed to know which PSD works for your image?

The good news, there are things you can do to get that pain in the ass out. There are things you can do to get the best results possible, and get the best potential out of the coloration. So I put together this list of tips for all PSD coloration users who want better results.

:bulletblue: #1 – Use high quality images. Sounds obvious, but it makes a real difference.

:bulletblue: #2 – Add a little depth by duplicating the image twice, set the top one to Multiply, and the middle one to Screen. If needed, add more of these layers, and play with the Opacity and Fill.

:bulletblue: #3 – Duplicate the image and set the top one to Soft Light. You could also combine that layer with a Gaussian Blur effect (set to about 2.4 - 2.7) and also a Screen layer of your image. Change the Opacity and Fill as needed, and sharpen as needed – you will need that!

:bulletblue: #4 – Remove noise from your image by going to Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise. I recommend having the Strength set to 6-7; Preserve Detail to low-medium; Reduce Color Noise to 0, and Sharpen Details is really up to you and your image. (OR: 2-4, 3, 0, ?).

:bulletblue: #5 – Play with the coloring layers. Remove, add, change the setting, change the order, etc.

:bulletblue: #6 – When choosing a PSD for your image, notice the sample images that were used. They indicate what images work best with the particular coloration. That means: the tones (bright, dark), the amount of depth (shadowy, washed), the colors, etc. That also means the hair color and skin color of the model in the sample images. You can also see other things in the sample images, like the amount of sharpening, the smoothness, the position and size, etc.

:bulletblue: #7 – Auto-set the image in advance; either one of them, two of them, or all of them: Image > Auto Tone / Auto Contrast / Auto Color. Remember to turn the image into a regular layer first, otherwise it'll stay a background layer, and you're not gonna be able to do anything.


:bulletpink: Were the tips helpful? Let me know :bulletpink:

I am now accepting custom orders for headers. If you need a one of a kind header design that you know for a fact that you will not see in other websites, I can make one for you exclusively - whereas the premade headers that I make and put on my DA page, you cannot be sure other people didn't use it before you did. So that's the difference.

You request the image(s) (you can supply your own if you want) for the header, the coloring, and other features that you may need (Facebook, Twitter bottons, welcome message box, etc.).

The header that I will create for you will also appear for display only in my DA page (not for download by others), so that people who see it have the option to check out your site (thus you'll get more pageviews for your site).

The header can be used for:
- Fan site
- Coppermine
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Whatever you need a header for

I'll create an exclusive header under your request and after we settle on what you're looking for exacly. If you're not happy with the header, I will revise it to your request as many times as needed with no additional payment till you're completely happy with it.

Note that the header I'll be making will not include the coding. I can provide both the PNG file (the image of the header, with everything already in place), and the PSD file with all the layers, if you need to edit it.

The charge for the exclusive header (NOT A PREMADE) is 400 points (US $5). Just send me a private message and we close the details.

Premade headers (free or cheap cost) can be found here:…


Also, I offer to make customized colorations for your pictures. The coloration (B&W layer always included) will be fitted to the pictures you'll provide. You may also choose to order a pack.

A customized coloration will be made for you personally for 20 points (equals to $0.20). For a pack of 2 and over, 40 points ($0.40).

Note that the customized colorations will NOT be shared, it is for you and only for you.


If you're interested in anything, send me a note.


Picanta has started a donation pool!
84 / 1,000
I upload new resources almost every day and enjoy it. But in order to be able to bring you the benefits of premium membership, I could use a little help.

Any donation would be awesome, even if you only donate 1 point.


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