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Not gonna say much... since I never do anyway. Just filling space since I don't have a real update this week.

WOO! Nebraskon is over. Well, that's not the good news. The convention itself was the good news --- and maybe the sleep after. Anyway... no new content really, just putting up a game project from class as a placeholder.

Check out my previous game design class project, a classic game (Bomberman) remake!

I call it... Bomberman! Original, huh?
As Nebraskon was this weekend, I decided to code instead of art. So...

Anybooru Slideshow (Windows Sidebar Gadget)

Site Page: (Which I desperately need to update)

Direct Download

-Defaults to Danbooru
-Default queries 'animal_ears'
-Default delay 30 seconds (any less and you risk getting banned from the site)
-Safe search on by default (program side instead of query side, otherwise it would waste a valuable tag in Danbooru's 2 tag limit for normal members)
-Options are saved as long as you don't remove the gadget. (Each instance of a gadget has its own settings)
-Clicking on the displayed image opens a flyout of the past 5 images; clicking on an image on the flyout opens the /show/ page.
-Shouldn't freeze (I've added in a few try/catches at the most problematic sections) but if it does simply kill the gadget itself and start it back up.
-For anyone weary of running the gadget, feel free to check out the code yourself. Gadgets are simply renamed zip files --- the contents of which are html and javascript.

Anyway, thanks again for the help!