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January 21, 2011
Vector Week couldn't end without Vector Chains by =pica-stock. Suggester's words: This is a great brush to be used in Illustrator to create a variety of chains. Beautiful line art and shading make this a great addition to vector portraits and more!
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Vector Chains

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pica-stock | brush

chain brush | illustrator pattern brush | .ai
3 brushes | gold, silver & bronze
© ~pica-stock | 2009

free to use for non-commercial works on deviantart.com | send me a link to your deviation
please ask permission for commercial works | send me a note with your request
do not sell, copy, transmit or distribute without my permission | send me a note with your request
you are free to alter, transform, or build upon this work | just respect the creators rights.

How to use:
1. Open the file in ai, open the brush panel, pick a brush and draw. Or draw a shape first and then add the brush
2. For Mac: Copy the file into Applications >Adobe Illustrator CSx > Presets.localized > Brushes.localized. When you now open the brush panel and go to Open Brush Library and pick the file. (You can also open it from your desktop.)

This is a pattern brush, without corners (chains usually dont have corners ;)).

i made these brushes for an upcoming artwork of my main account ^pica-ae
they are based on the Create a Gold Chain Pattern Brush with Illustrator tutorial, that can be found atVectortuts+
that it is based on a tutorial is the main reason i submit this awesome brush as stock :B cos anyone can do it :w00t:
it's really not that hard, and you should try and make your own pattern brushes too :eyes:
they look different than in the tut, mainly cos i used a different reference image ;)
please enjoy, and let me know if you use them :) i would love to see what you make of it :heart:


The brush in use:
What you looking at? & Silhouette Lady by ^pica-ae
© 2009 - 2024 pica-stock
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