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By pica-ae

What is this? I founded another group!

CRTextAndTypography is a group dedicated to the Text Art and Typography Community/ies on deviantART :la: :eager:

:groups: What the group is about

  • Showcasing and collecting Daily Deviations
  • Posting and collecting articles
  • Notifying about contests; ones that are officially held by me in my position as Community Volunteer and others coming from the community, maybe even external ones.
  • Hosting community challenges

Admins and Members

Anybody can join as a Member; you don't have to leave a message to join the group, it's totally auto-approved ;)

Admins have certain privileges, as f.e. submitting journals directly to the group's journal, access to the admin area etc..  They are also in a position to help create challenges, contests and other projects. Admins however are not auto-approved; if you do want to join as admin, please add a good reason as to why you think you want to help out. There is yet not much to do for admins, but a certain love for typography (obviously) and motivation to work with the community are necessary.

Submitting Art/Gallery Folders

Here is a little overview of the group's folders and how they are maintained:

Featured: I will personally submit every Daily Deviation set from the Digital and Traditional Typography galleries and the Digital Text Art gallery into the "Featured" folder :) It has such a nice name, I'm going to keep it for featured DDs ;)

Challenges: There will be folders created for upcoming challenges. Any deviation following the rules of those challenges will be accepted. There will be an article for each challenge, containing previous challenge's submissions and the new challenge. (The folders don't exist yet, they will be created with every new challenge announcement)

Tutorials: A collection of educational articles and tutorials.

Articles: Journals and News articles about Text Art and Typography, contest announcements, other related journal/news deviations.

Contests: In the future new folders for contests hosted by me as a CV may be added to the gallery.


I am not sure whether I will have them open at all. From my experience group's favourites are hardly ever viewed by anyone. On the other hand deviations can be in them, without the owner having to vote on it. For now "Favourites" shall remain closed.


Admins will be able to submit journals into the group's actual journal while uploading the journal. This can also be done retroactive. Simply check the group when in the submission proccess.
If you have already written Typography related articles and would like to submit them to the group's journal let me know. You can always submit them to the gallery, too. The choice is up to you :)


If you are owner of a Typography group, you are welcome to affiliate with CRTextAndTypography :) To do so simply go to your own group and click on the "Affiliate" link on the profile menu; then type in this groups name (or copy paste, I would recommend that ;) ) and the request is send and will be accepted. Of course only if the focus of the group is in fact Text Art or Typography.   

:skullbones: What this is not

This group is not open for all submissions. As mentioned above, submissions will only contain DDs, tutorials and articles and challenge/contest submissions. Anything that does not follow these rules will not be accepted. This place is not a "deviation dump" ;)

:heart: Last but not least…

I appreciate every new watcher and member of this group :) This is all very new (and this sentence will have to be edited one day, as I want this to be an "About" page :P) and I hope this group can support me in my position as Community Volunteer.

…and stay devious! :peace:

Community Relations
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LooneyTunerIan's avatar
Are there rules for font requests?
pica-ae's avatar
In what regard?
LooneyTunerIan's avatar
If I can ask for a certain font to be made. :)
pica-ae's avatar
Nothing speaks against that , generally ;) But I am afraid this group won't be much help for you in that regard, as it is supposed to focus on the Community Relations related part of Typography on dA. And I would like to keep it as focused as possible.
I was giving it a thought to have "making a font" as one of the future challenges, but it would be too hard to ask for that. The challenges are supposed to help people get into Typography, and creating a font is nothing for beginners.

There are many groups focused on creating typefaces, a member of one of those may help you create this font.

I would suggest you also try the Projects Forum and post your request there. You may find someone there.

But since creating fonts is a very time-intense and detailed craft, I would not keep my hopes high. You may be better off trying to find a similar font somewhere else.
Adila's avatar
looking forward for the challenges! :D
pica-ae's avatar
I hope I will release the first one next weekend :)

Thanks for the support :hug:
4EverYoungKid's avatar
:meow: Your icon is scary looking..
4EverYoungKid's avatar
Do you have a tutorial for pressed in words?
for example: [link]
pica-ae's avatar
I don't have one at hand, but it's a rather easy trick: copy the text and paste behind, fill it with white and move it down 1px. You could also use the Drop Shadow, Bevel & Embess, Inner Shadow etc. layer effects from Photoshop to create this, or similar effects :)

Or: google for "photoshop letterpresss tutorial" ;)
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